Nine factors that affect your health


Your health depends on your age, environment, your behavior, your lifestyle, physical labor, training and exercise, your senses, your eating habits, your social customs, social circumstances I will.

1. Age

We expect that health will worsen. We get older. Experience tells us this as a fact and what you learned at school does not go against expectations. Is it possible to stop aging, at least slow down? Many experts are opening such options. Therefore, scrutinize their arguments to find what is likely, likely, or not likely. The former Swedish cross country champion said, "Nothing is impossible."

2. Environment

Our expected life span varies widely depending on the area we live in. People in poor areas have a shorter life expectancy than those in richer areas. The cause of death in poor areas is mainly related to poverty itself, and on the contrary, wealthy people died of health related diseases. Allergies are common in wealthy areas of the same town, not in the same proportion in poor areas.

3. Behavior

Drugs, criminal behavior and violence do not promote health, but are victims of crime and are victims of living

4. Lifestyle

Contemporary society with dual work parents, children doing many leisure activities, cause stress and division of all the family members. There is not time for rest and recovery for so many people. We end all kinds of diseases caused by this lifestyle.

If you can not handle the situation, this leads to losses such as employment, economic problems, house closure and so on.

5. Physical work, exercise, training

You can train yourself, but becoming too tired if too unilateral.

Exercising and training helps address intensive lives that can enhance stress itself. Different modes of exercise are advantageous for dealing with and preventing various problems. There was something that took quite some time in leisure sports such as golf.

6. Emotion

It is, of course, a very big handicap, but if both wife and husband play, it is best for a traditional family, but if you are a blind man, a deaf or fools in the case of. However, the problem of less severe sensation has a profound effect on our health. Hearing is precious in your social life. If you do, you can not drive a car. If your speech is poor you will not be a successful professional marketer. Such restrictions can be overcome on the other hand.

7. Eating Habits

How to eat The collapse of the pyramid and diet circle, the way that eating habits must give is the most likely for health.

I certainly have completely lost what we eat. This situation reminds the sausage dealer. In his bed of death, he is his best friend, "Do not eat sausages absolutely! Most people interpret this story. The dead old man knows the ingredients of the sausage and eats it I strongly advise that it is just the relationship with the food we eat.I believe that we know what to eat but some ingredients in the food shoots a lot of us

8. Social custom

The possibility of living in a peaceful and friendly environment will have a strong influence on our health and the opposite will lead to the opposite

] Mobbing at school The problem is increasing.Some working places suffer from old-fashioned structures, others have a strong and competitive spirit, and after a fulfilling effort human feelings and room for recovery There is no

9. Society Situational situation

The number of homosexuals increases the number of homosexuals and singles, the latter sometimes being sometimes a lonely choice, but it may or may not be a self-choice.

Traveling to a health newsletter will help you find the main focus factor, considering how these nine factors and their influence affect your life. Please do

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