My EAT CLEAN Meal Plan (Complete recipes)


READ this box for more information. Hello my charms, this is my first week back after a long vacation break of 7 weeks. It has been wonderful to spend time with my family and friends. I have to be honest because constant travel, lack of sleep and eating out have affected my eating habits, skin, body and energy level. So, I'm on a "Cleanup" mission now!

I filmed this video for a day and these are examples of foods I consumed to eat clean. I do not eat the same foods every day, but the basis of clean eating is to consume food in its purest form: less processed foods, rushes, salt and refined sugar.

These are easy, basic and healthy meals, which can be prepared in advance. For more easy and healthy recipes, check out my Food and nutrition playlist.

So join me and clean your diet this spring! A lot of love xx

Click here for more easy and healthy recipes:

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