Movie On Eating Disorders Highlights Current Health Concerns


The problem of eating disorders is a "thin" movie that eventually debuted on 14th November. The documentary examines the issue of girls culture with Stick Skinny and its devastating spiritual and physical effects. He depicts the lives of four women with eating disorders and their experiences.

The problem judged by the documentary is pretty realistic. It follows the various ups and downs these women pass in their bidding to become skinny. We will also examine social impacts on people with eating disorders. For example, in one scene, parents feel difficult to know why their fathers are hard to stop eating disorders. In another scene, one of the women brings their food to the family Thanksgiving dinner.

In the documentary there is a message that people with eating disorders actually have emotional illness. It is not a simple case to escape from extreme diet. The mental state of an eating disorder is complicated and it is not easy to perfectly understand. And

And she and women who like to eat their food at Thanksgiving Day are performing isolated actions. This scene shows an actual example because eating disorders may cause a person to completely withdraw from the company.

"Thin" documentary is timely. There are already many concerns about eating disorders becoming a very common problem. Many young girls are concentrating more and more on their appearance today. They are based on their values ​​about what they look like. It is also prevalent to yield to companionship pressure. The early idea of ​​continuing a meal quickly becomes a delusion and may change to an eating disorder.

Many people accuse this cause. Teenage young girls and teens are eating a media message meal that depicts a thin model. Most major newspapers have a lot of advertisements by slimming centers, and in front of the pictures (not the desired body figure) pictures (desired body figure) are drawn. These media messages about how the attractive women's body looks will have a major impact on the hearts of impressive girls and young women.

However, all eating disorders have been boiled down so far. The one at the highest risk of developing an eating disorder is one who does not always have strong self-esteem and confidence. Good family support and values ​​also play an important role.

Many people who do not fully understand this condition see eating disorders as a socialization problem. That's more than that. It is a disease that requires medical attention, and it is a matter that requires careful attention.

The lives of bright intellectuals with eating disorders may be destroyed. People suffering from this mental illness will have a great length to make them look thin. Thankfully, the number of treatment centers established for inpatient treatment is increasing, providing psychological aid to people with eating disorders.

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