Metropolitan Police Retirement: Fitness, Nutrition And Health



They say that when a policeman comes to termination and retirement of military service, they are only about five years before they die. Now, how do you feel about it as you retire or are approaching for retirement? I think that I am a little worried if I am in that position.

Since I retired from the capital police in December 2006, I think that I must worry at least until the fifth anniversary of the retirement from police in December 2011. I personally take my fitness, health, nutrition quite seriously. I made a little fitness but I am walking a lot instead of running or playing football. Also, I pay attention to eating and drinking. I feel better.

But this article is about the actions you took before you retired or within the last year before retirement. Have you worked for a long time yet? If you are, you need to be a little late so I can not easily be away to a slow pace inevitably coming too far apart. Now I said that because you work 12 hours a day, you should not go down to work only a little. I do not suggest that there will be no activity when you retire and nothing to go away from the truth.

However, since I know from experience that the most active police officers have a spirit in their work, I would like to take some time and smell the roses. In many cases, you need to provide good ones in life.

How do you need to look after your retirement regarding your health, health, nutrition? There are several suggestions to think about.

Your general health

Please read the signs of your body. It is to tell whether something is wrong or on hold. If you need it, do not be afraid to go to the doctor's operation. You should not put anything, but rather it is safer than I am sorry.

Maybe it could be a wonderful time to consider giving up smoking. I listen now that I am not preaching, that it is mere suggestion, and that it is not fair to be fair.

your practice regime

Please incorporate what you've come up with and judge whether what you do is useful for your new life . Whatever you do, unless you are thoroughly looking at your physical strength, it is clear that planning is always the best. Of course it will be your perfect choice, so choose wisely.

Many people I know continue golfing fairly regularly. It is wonderful, but consider some of the movement that is slightly heart ache. You should not get so angry here, but it may be a bit of a walking or swimming ability.

It is important to have the rest of your life and activities as long as possible. I remember the old adage but when you lose it you will lose it. Your sleep pattern.

Your sleeping pattern.

This is an interesting theme. I think that it is important to see current sleeping habits and see if you can improve. Everyone is unique here and will find their own balance. However, as a police officer, I usually try to live as many lives as possible, so I usually know that sleep was not enough.

As a serving officer, I survived 5-6 hours at night. Is that enough? Perhaps consider considering increasing your time a bit. I was able to increase the time from 6 hours to 7 hours tonight. And I realized the difference really.

It is also important not to waste the time spent in bed. Now I know that there are exceptions to this, but I will keep this article clean. But at the end of the day, what you do at the end of the day is a person's choice.

Your nutritional necessity

I worked from 10 hours to 20 hours each day, I was still able to exercise, but I regularly It was probably fast food that I was eating without eating. It is wonderful to eat all you can eat today, but you do not eat regularly. Eating what you like is probably not a good thing for you, but it is normal for most people, but thinking of reducing fast food and eating a more balanced nutritious meal There may be.

I love my food, but I still eat healthier than I was when I was a policeman. So what should I eat more? There is absolutely nothing to first understand in order to improve your diet. It has not been completed in one night and should not immediately cut all of your meals, otherwise you will overwhelm yourself and decide to return to what you are used to.

Let's start introducing more fish, textiles, fruits and vegetables into your diet. Salt, saturated fat, sugar can be reduced. This is a perfect theme and some investigation is needed for some of you.

Your liquidity requirement .

I love a glass of beer. I know many other police officers know their pacifier, but remember that your activity level may drop when you first retire. What you drink greatly affects health, nutrition and health.

I personally believe that variations of drinks are great for your body, so joke with vodka, jin and scotch added. You should aim at about 2 liters or 3 pints of liquid per day. Most of it should come from water, juice, hot springs.

When you drink a lot of tea, hot chocolate, coffee, alcohol, do not forget to produce these more urine, these are diuretics. You want to go to the toilet more frequently and your water retention capacity has been compromised. This may not be the best for you when you go on retirement. How do you live your life? 19659003 What I suggest is how many hours you sleep, exercise, you eat and drink. Do not be afraid to give advice and guidance on these subjects.

Advancing your retirement as a former policeman or someone reading this article, consider seriously improving your health, nutrition and health, and you consider a full and productive life send. Let's do our best.

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