Menu Recommendation – Healthy Menu for Pickup Children


Do you run patiently and patiently? Have you eaten your brain just enough for a nutritious meal that your child actually eats? Did you get tired of the little nose that wrinkles wrongly on the meal you threw up to prepare? Do not give up yet! When you call "dinner" there is a healthy menu recommendation that your child will run toward the table.

1. Chicken fingers

Every child loves chicken nuggets. Why do you coat chicken flour with whole grain flour and give a healthy but delicious substitute by burning vivid and perfect instead of fried? You can also add freshly baked french fries!

2. Guay mashed potato.

How do you twirl old favorite works? Add lean beef, cheese, low fat sour cream to mashed potatoes. Your child will definitely love you for you.

3. Spaghetti and meatballs

Another old favorite. You can also use thin meat and flour for meatballs and ground beef of turkeys. Again, not fried, bake.

4. Vegetarian Burger

Is not your child eating vegetables everyday? Give him a vegetable burger. All you have to do is make a patty from 2 cups of crushed black beans, 1 cup of bread crumbs, 3 salsa salsa, 1 egg, 1 glass of cup. Cook until brown and clear, put it in bread add lettuce, tomato etc. I do not know the difference!

With the recommendations of these menus, you do not have to fight your child at mealtimes! Let's do our best!

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