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Cardiovascular exercises are an integral part of healthy lifestyle practices. Your fitness level is irrelevant. Cardio is essential. In order to naturally lose a person's boobs, we need to incorporate some exercise into the overall strategy.

We are all unique. Each of us has diverse factors that define the level of our health and wellness. Gender, age, weight, history and so on are included. Correspondingly, a pair of cardiac exercises does not fit everything. Ergo is a thousands of training programs currently struggling on television, printed matter and the Internet.

Beyond the starting point, there is another consideration that is more important and often ignored by "fitness masters". All. What is your personal goal? ?

– Lose weight

– Heart and lung conditioning

– endurance conditioning

– Muscle tone and fitness

– more muscles


Are you focusing on ?

– Burn existing fat

– Train existing muscle

– Make new muscle

– Will it be more flexible?

If you are considerably fat about 20% above your ideal weight, you need to concentrate on starting activity routines.

Here is a wonderful starting point. If you are not breathing properly, little progress in fitness will be obtained. There is a simple reason for this. Dissolved oxygen is necessary in your blood, not only to survive, but also to produce energy. In more obvious words, oxygen burns. Provide the necessary energy for exercise .

Hi Mike, this is not new, this is the same old, same old …

If you burn the food you eat to produce energy only, consider this, how Can I lose weight? Besides that, if you do not burn all of the food your body eats to produce energy, your body will store the food later, we will put on weight.

This is the logic behind the calorie deficient meal design. Burn more calories than you eat and lose weight.

There are two major problems with this type of logic.

1. We are all lazy.

2. The human body is wise and knows how to protect you from fatigue, starvation and other threats.

I will wait for the microphone. I am not lazy, I signed up for that aerobics class.

That is wonderful, but here are the points. By establishing a set diet, you trained your body to predict a certain caloric intake. More importantly, your body now expects specific calorie outgas by exercise again on a predictable basis.

The body will do whatever is necessary to protect himself. We will store energy for peak demand by your aerobic class. It does whatever is necessary to protect ourselves from what we perceive as a threat to the present situation.

The human body has the ability to slow down or accelerate many body functions through hormones. A common example of responses is the production of adrenaline in the physical threat and another has cortisol in stress .

Hold, I have not told you to stop regular exercise. However, it is necessary to understand how the body protects itself.

This is your AHA moment.

This is why I bought so hard to lose a strange pound .

That's why we can not lose weight.

After your kindness, your body was fighting all your steps. It is not because you do not want to be a slim or fitter, but because you recognized your efforts as a threat .


Although a strategy to avoid the body's defense system is necessary, in fact it wants to utilize it to achieve the goal

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