Men's Health – Angst, Man Boobs and Strategies


Why is there so much anger in human boobs? If you actually have Gynecomastia, increase testosterone levels with supplements, shots or creams. If you regain your hormones in a balanced manner, your male boobs will look like a man's breast. right? Wrong.

There is no "easy button" in life. This involves losing your man's boobs. However, not only that problem but also adding vitamins, hormones, minerals, etc. can solve almost all health problems. It is necessary to investigate the root cause and to check why the body lacks vitamins, hormones, minerals and so on.

If you find the reason, it is important not only to paint on rust but also to solve the source problem.

In the first paragraph I add testosterone to the body and balance in the direction we want. Unfortunately, when we do that, we signal to our body having more than enough testosterone and our highly efficient body stops all natural testosterone production . As we can conclude, we have now created addicts. If you stop strengthening testosterone, there is no natural production to maintain the correct level.

Symptoms of gynecomastia often appear when there is an imbalance in female hormones. Too much estrogen, testosterone is too little. Why is there an imbalance? Male body excessively produces estrogen, or testosterone is too little. Which is it or is it?

Here is a small tangent, sometimes … the most effective strategy is to trick your body and trust the situation. Your body responds to that and solves the problem.

Another tangent – we do not want to disturb the balance of the body because everything is related to everything. When you push one direction with medicine or surgery, the body loses its balance. The body reacts. It often reacts excessively, the result is another imbalance, and now there is another problem. This will continue indefinitely. Because you are convinced that you have not dealt with the cause of the first problem. Your body to solve it yourself.

Return to male boobs. What we need is to do one or all of the following:

  1. If you tell the male's body that estrogen is too much, the male body will suppress the production of estrogen.
  2. Tell the male's body that testosterone is missing, the male body increases the production of testosterone.
  3. is a diet and exercise program that creates an environment that stimulates the production of natural testosterone in the body of a man. This solution is not an easy button as mentioned above. It is certainly not impossible or difficult, but we need persistence and discipline.

    The closest thing to the easy button is called luteinizing hormone (LH). Tribulus Terrestis herb increases the production of LH in the body, initiates a chain of events ending with more testosterone, and regains a more normal hormonal balance within the male body.

    This herb is actually beneficial for both men and women.

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