Menopause Weight Gain: What To Do About It


It is very common for women to gain weight during menopause. It is the first time for a woman to feel that it is difficult to lose weight. For those who struggled hard at their weight, the time to control their weight becomes even more severe .

The first thing to say is that menopause itself is not actually making a profit. The reason why women increase their weight is as follows:

1. Metabolism slows as people age. For most people, they gain weight as they grow older.

2. As people get older, increasingly "bad" habits accumulate around eating habits and exercise. They tend to eat more and less exercise.

3. Premenopausal women tend to carry weight around the waist and thighs. Because of hormonal changes during menopause, this change will make it carry weight around their stomach. This does not mean that they gained weight, but means that the weight has shifted. Many of the clients who come to complain that a pair of jeans you like does not fit any more. This is a sign of this "shift".

So I am familiar with the frequent increase in weight after menopause, but what can we do about it?

Advice that you may have obeyed when you were young is no longer useful.

Introduction, exercise is good for you for various reasons, but as you get older, it is more difficult to 'undo' heavier meals with more exercise. They are listening to stories from women who are always going to the gym, but that does not seem to have changed.

This is not unusual. That is expected. This does not mean that you should not exercise, but can not rely on exercise alone. You need to change the amount you eat.

Second, most women say between 20s and 30s they were able to lose weight quickly if they obsessed a trendy meal for a sufficiently long time. Certainly, food was often unbearable, and as soon as we stopped the food we gained weight, but at least they worked. As you get older, these trendy meals will not work like that. You can not earn 10 pounds of weight loss in the week you got when you are 25 years old.

Again, this is not a bad thing. It will actually be your advantage. That is not to replace an unhealthy epidemic diet, but to do something with a much healthier and long-term perspective.

So it will be a solution to reduce the weight of women who lost weight at the time of menopause. There are six important steps:

1. Think over the long term. Rather than losing weight in a few days or weeks, let's focus on changing habits and lose weight.

2. Please abandon all expectations about how to lose weight. This is really important. It is realistic and sustainable to lose 1 or 2 pounds per week for clients I see in my 50s.

3. Please keep the diary of food. To write down what you are eating is the best weight loss strategy you have never had.

4. Please change the size of your part slightly. Do not cut too much. Let's first reduce 5% and see what it will do. Then try another 5%

5. Get rid of temptation from your environment. If you are always surrounded by food at home, you need to rely on self restraint to stop eating. That is not a good strategy. Instead, get rid of all the temptations from the house. If you want temptation food, you have to get out and get them.

6. No matter what happens, I will continue. Most people give up on the first signs of not planning, so they can not lose weight. That is a wrong approach I often tell the client, "The only way you can fail this is when you give up."

You can lose weight at the time of menopause, but do not follow the same old plan. You need to take a long-term and sustainable approach, but the good news is that success is just right if you keep the right attitude.

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