Men with Eating Disorders – A Reality?


Eating disorders have been generally thought of as diseases of girls in their teens. Even now, many people feel that it is difficult to believe that eating disorders may affect elderly women and children as well. But what would you say if you say that someone even a man may have a disease?

You heard it correctly! Men can suffer from eating disorders. Indeed, according to research, about 10% of the people affected by this disease belong to the male population. Higher figures will be reported if all victims are released and suffering from this disorder.

As usual, eating disorders are not a matter of food. In fact, that has little to do with it.

The reason why a man suffers from this condition is the same as that of a teenage girl, an elderly woman, a child. People suffering from confused eating habits are those who hide emotional problems and those who have secret secrets that they do not want to keep secret.

You may have experienced emotional, physical, or sexual abuse in the past, or you may have been unfortunately raised with a dysfunctional family. Studies show that children raised by families who are not encouraged to express emotions develop instability and emotional instability.

They are very likely to have some personality traits that make them susceptible to disease. Perfectionists, accomplices, those who put others' needs in front of you are at great risk of getting sick. It is also a reasonable candidate, such as a person with low self-esteem, a person who does not know how to convey their own feelings, a person who hates themselves for some reason, a reasonable person.

Whatever the reason for the sunset of the disorder, the patient temporarily tries to paralyze the emotions and reduce the pain they feel, using controls that govern food and food habits.

For example, anorexia may be used as a means to escape disease from their problems. It is usually easier for them to get absorbed in counting calories and choosing "right food" rather than faced with emotional problems. Bulimics, on the other hand, may rely on binging to release negative energy that is rolling in them. On the other hand, purging brings about necessary relief from guilt feelings.

Men are not oppressed compared to women. This is despite the main reason for the increasing number of women suffering from disease compared to men. In order to cope with their problems, men work rather and turn into alcohol and drug abuse. In our society, it is a more "macho" way.

Diagnosis of male eating disorders is a very difficult task. For example, men suffering from bulimia are not purged with other means (using vomiting, laxatives, diuretics etc.), but concentrate on constant exercise or exercise at the gym. Men feel difficult to accept that eating disorders are due to the fear that other people might think they are gay. In our society, straight men are considered to be free from eating disorders.

Eating disorders can control human life. They can cause serious complications and even endanger your life.

Please help someone in need. If someone you know has this disorder, encourage them immediately to seek help from qualified medical personnel. Remember that the probability of recovery is high enough that the disorder is diagnosed and treated early.

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