Men and Eating Disorders


Men and eating disorders are topics that have not received much attention. Eight million people suffer from eating disorders in the United States. One million people are men. Twenty years ago, similar numbers were seen in drug rehabilitation, but men were the majority, women were minority.

Male eating disorders usually occur at age of teenager, but young people over 8 years of age in their 50s and 60s have been reported in boys. Both males and females may suffer medical and psychological throughout their lifetime, with 9% of chronic cases leading to death. There are many reasons why men are not treated for treatment with this disease. The society perpetuated the myth that it is a disease of white women rich in eating disorders. There must not be something different from the truth. Frequently, male ego does not allow to admit that it is regarded as a woman's illness. Doctors and other doctors, like women, do not associate male symptoms.

Men seeking treatment for eating disorders tend to reoccur because they are uncomfortable participating in support groups. Only male participants. Men use the means of exercise to control their weight and ignore the spiritual aspects of disease. If an expert has the opportunity to deal with depression and treat it, and the patient continues outpatient visit, the man can return to normal eating habits.

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