Male Chastity Benefits


In contrast to popular perception, male chastity is a continuum with permanent male chastity and orgasm rejection, one extreme being a mild chastity, and the other case There is no mild chastity

However, while both extremes are in, most of us are in between. If you think about it, this is self explanatory, but checking online blogs and forums will always give an unrealistic view, with emphasis on those who argue for innocence innocence.

Well, why is this important?

Well, in most cases, where in the continuum the type of device or belt you are about to accomplish ultimately depends on your desires? In the second part of this guide, we proposed to keep the final result in mind from the beginning.

This determines the depth and extent of the benefits of men's medications

For example, if you want to experience chastity play in fact, or want to experience on a device of about a week or so, something like CB 3000 It may be appropriate. In some cases, such a device is suitable for long-term wear, but it is generally not the case, and it tends to break after harsh use.

But once you reach full security, perhaps horrible Latowski may be more appropriate.

I will come back to a specific device again.

But for now, the idea of ​​the device to your partner.

It is important to step on carefully and carry around as slowly as necessary. Remember, you probably thought about this for many years (perhaps many years). So, not only do you know the inner theme, but also have a good idea that you want to end, but also fresh eyes.

From her or her point of view, it suggests that you suggest that you could change your life and human relationship dramatically. Our human beings do not like change, especially when they do not change

Although this sudden dramatic change may not be perceived as profit at all,

now you are a partner for you Think better than I, so please think through filters of my experience that I do not like or like.


If you are a man, we encourage you not to ask her to take responsibility from the beginning. Please wear it and tell me the feeling of wearing it from time to time. As before, even if you love more carefully, it is not a pest.

Please do not say lyly about how long she wants to take the key. As I said earlier, this is her first experience.

If you are a woman, you can handle it in the same way. All this is to make them familiar with it. You think that life wishes to progress normally. You have indicated that this device suddenly does not make a big difference in your life. And the sky will not actually fall.

I hope to repeat the romantic night that you had before. Only this time, when you make love, you leave the device on (if you are a woman, he will try to round him to agree to maintain it – your Release with partner either at the end of the session or the next morning).

Also after talking about your feelings and concentrating on a good bit. If something wrong happens, or if a little thing goes wrong, just relax.

Can I see patterns?

We are working slowly and in phases while gradually showing what we should not fear at all stages.

The important thing to be realized is as follows: You show her advantage to her, it is not just to tell her about her.

Unless you are right on the "Chastity Only" side of the continuum (This is your life and no one is you, so it's perfectly OK Your ultimate goal is to keep your key It is to become your partner with you, it itself can bring a lot of meaning, result, and benefit.

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