Make a healthy body – your choice is yours


Our life consists of choices. From one moment to the next we are constantly selecting. What we have is the sum of what we say, expect and expect. It has to regain our responsibilities for our own living and we must achieve what we want, namely health and body-friendly body and life.

10 tips for a successful meal plan

1. You get a good start. Please make the start date a special day. Select the beginning of the month or the beginning of the next week. Prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and mentally on the day before you start the program. Get rid of unhealthy food from your kitchen.
2. Eat breakfast. If you get up every morning and eat healthy meals within an hour, feeling hungry generally decreases throughout the day.
3. Suppress your appetite. Drinking tall water 15 minutes before meals will help you feel overestimate and prevent overeating.
4. Stop eating late-night meals. Please make it not to eat after 6 pm.
5. Please eat if you get hungry. Do not eat something that is stressful, sad, boring.
6. Eat lights. When you are really hungry and in a hurry, please choose low calorie items such as fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. If you need more, add some raw seeds or nuts.
7. Eat your favorite food. There is no reason to make your diet plan more difficult by eating food you do not like.
8. Eat slowly. Please give your body time to release the necessary enzymes to tell the brain that you have had enough meals. It also helps digest by chewing food.
9. Please do not be discouraged. Even if you deviate from your plan once or twice, it does not mean that your efforts are hopeless. Just acknowledge what you did and return to the truck.
10. I will reward you. Please stick to your plan with special meals, movies etc once a week.

Start now and change the life you need to achieve your goals. Whether for your health and fitness.

Healthy Eating Tips

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