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A few years ago, I was diagnosed with lupus. I could not walk without getting out of bed and endured pain in joints, muscular pain in the body, persistent heat of hypothermia, and my skin suffered from a rash on the skin. I am new to my life, I am new it, it is over. I have petrified.

On my first (and last) visit to a rheumatologist, I asked what I could do to support my own health, or to avoid getting lupus symptoms worsening. She reacted casually. When you get worse come back, I will put you on a steroid . I hesitated to get some supportive information. I gathered questions about meals. If you have food please eat and avoid. Her reactions continue to eat whatever you want, but it does not make a difference .

After doing another attempt to get something useful to help myself, I noticed that I treated lupus on my own. With an inner fit of rage to her cold, gentle attitude, I just decided that I would heal my lupus (again a bonus that could not bear the existence of that expert was added ). Hooray. I no longer have lupus.

Frequently asked about the importance of meals as a cured lupus. Many people tell them that their doctor also told them that diet is not important. And I & # 39; I think what you eat even if you are healthy ? Of course it is healthy and suffering, but it is much more important!

Since diet is really important, there are many testimony of those who have completely healed by dietitian meals alone. Diet also includes fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, MS, migraine, allergy, asthma.

Your diet supports work for your health, reduces inflammation and pain, and provides work to provide what you need to begin healing to your body. (Please see my website below for details on how to treat such as my story and supplementary therapy such as supplementation and energy therapy.)

Below are the lupus diet dose and lupus diet don

7 Top Loop Diet does not

    You need to know to support your healing.

  1. Do not drink alcohol, pop (soda for Americans), energy drinks, or other "acidic" non-health drinks, including food and drink facilities and public health facilities.
  2. Foods containing unhealthy preservatives like processed foods, MSG (including most foods on the central island of the large food chain)
  3. Do not eat lean meat. Small fish like salmon is great, chickens are also chickens.
  4. Fatty foods (mono saturated fats, trans fats, saturated fats, polyunsaturated omega 6 fats etc) are not commonly found in baked goods
  5. Salt, sugar, white powder (refinement Avoid carbohydrates and starch), four white foods including dairy products.
  6. Avoid spicy food. Spices are known to cause flares.
  7. Avoid artificial sweeteners. I believe that these are toxic and that many people will induce the disease (I agree).

7 Top Loop Diet Dose

    It is not useful to reduce your weight.

  1. eat a meal composed of simple and natural whole foods such as fruits and vegetables in raw form
  2. eat easily eat food such as soaked almonds, soup, fruits / vegetable smoothies, salads etc.
  3. Please try to drink at least 8 water throughout the day. This eliminates the accumulation of toxicity in the body and supports poor digestive processes common in lupus patients.
  4. Supports the body by supplementing digestive enzymes and probiotics. Most lupus patients do not adequately absorb their foods and nutrients and require extra enzymes to support the healing process.
  5. Essential fatty acids (EFA & # 39; s) must be taken well. This can reduce inflammation, reduce pain and avoid flare.
  6. Avoid foods that cause texture and allergies. In order to ensure the specific needs of your body, you need to test this. In some tests, the susceptibility of foods such as sugar, salt, etc. are not shown, so please fill in the body reaction with the body.
  7. Alkaline, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory food. Always keep your food clean (including organic food).

The above list is the basic principle that diet for lupus must follow. It can support your body homeostasis and healing process, and there are many other features of nutrition.

Your doctor will not provide you a healing plan as you have experienced. You need to find your way to learn how to work with your body in the crisis of healing. There are many many answers to help reduce your lupus …

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