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How to eat yourself thinly

How to lose weight – Fast meal: Do & Do not do

Eating a small meal 5-6 times a day

By eating a few small meals, it means to help you increase your metabolism and burn your calories. If you want to reduce your weight quickly, you need to restore metabolism and continue working.

2. Eat fruits and vegetables Fruits and vegetables provide nutrients and natural sugars. Eating more fibrous fruits such as apples and pears will fill you more.

3. Drinking water throughout the day The body needs water to function. Drinking water with each meal will help you fill it. Doing so helps to prevent overeating as it has a sense of satiety.

4. I eat thin meat The weight of lean meat makes me less fat. Simply put, the less fat you eat, the less fat. Where you buy your meat, or just check the package, please ask for a thin cut. If you buy a hamburger that does not contain 85% fat than cheap 75%, it will be healthy.

5. Eat your carbohydrate as soon as possible Carbohydrate will provide you the energy you need for your body to exercise and spend your day. Eating quickly gives you the energy you need for your body and you can burn it at night with higher metabolism than when you go to bed after settingtling from that day.

6. Dinner should consist of protein and vegetables Restricting dinner for meat and vegetables will be in conjunction with the above statement. Carbohydrates basically provide instantaneous energy and are preserved if not needed. This means weigh up more than bake it. This combo is the perfect dinner to help you lose weight quickly.

7. Eat foods with a lot of fiber Fiber-rich foods give you a feeling of fullness. If you eat sweet carbohydrates like cookies, you do not have to eat enough. You will also consume less calories.

'Do not lose weight' list:

1. Avoid a 100 calorie snack pack Mostly not filled or healthy, which means that you want to eat one more thing just after eating the so-called "snack pack".

2. Do not make yourself hung Whether or not to believe it will bring better results in the long run. By starving yourself, you are training your body. I will not lose weight. You can train your body and slow your metabolism. This means you lose calories at a very slow rate.

3. Restricting your junk food This is common sense, of course, but it is important to be conscious of what you are eating. One cookie contains 100 different calories.

4. Avoid juice and soda Please check the drink label. You may be surprised that many drinks that you think are healthy actually have plenty of sugar and calories.

5. If you are absolutely thirsting for something, please cheat at an early stage. By giving up to your craving early one day, we will give them the rest of the day and burn off calories. I go to bed at night. Sometimes you need to crave to satisfy it and you can concentrate on the goal of quickly losing weight without distraction.

TI ​​P / TRICK: Let's try moderately cheating – not ice cream, the whole container.

6. Limiting alcohol consumption Alcohol is empty calories. When you drink alcohol, there is typically a snack, and before you know it calorie is taking 100 if not 1000. If you have alcohol, please choose a clear liquor with light beer or strong water mixed.

TI ​​P / TRICK: Drink alcoholic beverages and drink as much as possible. If you can keep a reasonable healthy diet, you can reduce your weight quickly. These are just a few tricks to make you move in the right direction. Before you know that you have a slender body you always want.

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