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To "lose weight," knowing "what to eat is as important as what you eat. Here is a wonderful resource. In 2005, the US government renewed Food Guide Pyramid.

The pyramid is a choice for all healthy lifestyles, not only food, but also how these must be personalized, redesigning the pyramid, physical activity is ours He explained how important it is as food to health. For individuals it shows food groups as a series of preferred food groups. Below is a basic example of a guide:

color / food groups


Orange for oranges

vegetable green

Red in fruits

yellow of fats and oils

Blue in dairy products

Purple color of meat, beans, fish

Please note how the group showing how much of daily food intake should be composed of that food group. The orange group will be displayed first. Next is green, red, yellow and so on. They thus prioritized the pyramids to show that people need to eat more grain than fat and oil.

Essentially, we are what we eat. The things we eat are tied to how much we exercise, so people who are not aggressive need to lose weight with less food. If you eat more bottom group than the top group, it clearly shows where your problem begins.

The food guide of MYPyramid is promoting the following:

eating, not living, not eating, eating. Small meals are not curses. Diet is not meant to punish us against what we did or did not. Eating is part of the way and the reason we are alive. However, if left unconfirmed, there is the possibility that it may be detrimental to our health and happiness for something, whether our faults or not, for many reasons. The pyramid's various color groups indicate that it is important to eat lots of different foods. By eating a variety of foods, the balance of nutrients improves and the taste buds are satisfied.

Modest diet. The food group at the bottom of the pyramid is there for reasons. It reminds people that they can eat a lot of food in each group, but other foods in certain groups should be restricted. For example, the bottom foods include those with little or no solid fat and little or no sugars or sweeteners added. So, in the fruit food group, you should eat more fresh apple than the apple pie. Likewise, for cereal food groups, instead of regular pasta, you should choose whole grain products like whole wheat.

The US Health Department reports that Americans are heavy and healthy Americans. Much of this is due to the luxury I am accustomed to like TV, computer and car. We spend more time in front of computer screen and TV than we go out and socialize.

Because of all the health problems people overweight can have, the government is warning about the fat danger of America. Too much weight is a major cause of diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. In addition to using pyramids to remind people of the correct diet and exercise, the government designed a website called MyPyramid and created specific food and exercise guidelines.

MyPyramid website controls weight. You can individually recommend which foods you eat, including estimates of the number of calories needed to maintain a healthy weight. To create a personal profile showing what you should eat at your age, gender, and activity level, please visit http://www.MyPyramid.gov's site

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