Look for These Important Aspects in Your Synastry Compatibility


This is an aspect to look for when comparing charts

about the couple's astrology compatibility.

Let's first look at the harmonic aspect that we want between these planets.
These aspects are Trine, Sextile, sometimes Conjunct. Sun Sun Sun (19459003) (19659003) (19659003)

Moon and Moon (Emotional attuned)

* Sun Sun and Chiron (reliable)

Moon and Mars (adding too much heat Venus Venus Mars (Sexual, loving
Venus and The Month (19459002) Venus Venus and mercury (19459007)

* Venus and Jupiter , * * * Venus Venus and the sun (person's love and gratitude)

* ] Venus and ascending / descending order Venus and Venus Venus (19459003) Venus and Uranus Venus and Neptune (19459003) Venus and Pluto (intense love
Martian Mars Mars Mars Mars and Jupiter Mars and Mars Jupiter and Chiron (Fortunately blessed

Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter and mercury Saturn and Mond (stability
commitment) [196 Jupiter and Ascension (Informative)

Uranus, Neptune, Pluto Saturn and Ascension


The most important harmonic aspects seeking long-term relationships and synastry compatibility are the aspects of Sun and Moon, Venus to Mars / Sun / Ascendant, Chiron to Venus / Sun / Moon / Jupiter, Neptune Please look at that kind of thing first.

The reason why some of the connected sides "sometimes" is good is that it depends on individuals. On Saturn, it is delayed, teaching and limitations, but it can also be a source of reliability and stability. If you need a lot of freedom in your relationship and you do not want to rely on too many things, this aspect sometimes seems too restrictive. On the other hand, you may prefer this aspect if you are looking for a companion that can provide the necessary stability for emotion (moon), self expression (sun), or relationship (ascension / descendant).

Meanwhile, Neptune may be pretty crazy. Disillusionment and the victims may have brought a relationship with this aspect (substance abuse, as well). In Uranus, the conjugate may show many separations (although your partner is not a pilot or traveling a lot in business). But those who want 9 to 5 partners, and Pluto is good, strength is good for some things, but not necessarily good for others … … [19659003] Next let's look at the compatibility aspect with the synastry of YIKES

You and your partner's planet, especially the outer planets (Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, Pluto) and you Between the individual's planet (sun), square, moon, mercury, Venus, Mars). The missing planet Jupiter is a mixed bag. On a square or opposite aspect, it adds more or less arrogance, exaggeration, laziness and overweight. There is nothing wrong with it, but there is a possibility to add annoying elements to the mix. The most challenging aspects to look for

are Saturn to Venus, Moon, and Chiron. In some astrological books, it is called "screaming aspect". So look at these! The next difficult thing comes from Uranus due to the effect of inversion or separation. Pluto to your personal planet can bring operation / ownership / jealousy / excessive control. And again Neptune can lead the way of dissolution and annihilation.

You can see that the rectangle and the opposite indicate mainly problem areas of the relationship. However, it can also have exciting influences as well. In order to see how rectangles and opposites work in the relationship you have to look into your synastry combination.

Look at the midpoint between the sun and the moon as follows. Take the middle point of the sun / moon and see if the sun or moon belongs to another person. Square, opposite, square, square. Please check with you. Combine the two midpoints to get the combined midpoint and check both sets of months / days up to this point. This gives energy to the union and makes it "official" to speak – it does not end with marriage, but few couples have nothing to do here. You can even check
advanced chart. The advanced sun through progress or progress can make this side, especially when couples meet, or when they become more devoted.

When you are evaluating your synastry, it is important that you are looking for "Mr. Right, or Ms. Right" and make your relationship spark, because Venus, Pluto, Uranus and Mars are on Jupiter , And it will rise. If you are looking for good friends and sparks are not that important, look for Venus, Moon, Venus, Saturn, Sun, and Advantage. If you want a less predictable relationship, look for a harmonious side with Uranus. But if you love stability, longevity and safety will see harmonious aspects with Saturn.

Now, the most romantic couple, even a couple & # 39; marriage became gold, furthermore Cinderella and the prince were attractive and their synastry compatibility had some challenges. But it makes a more enjoyable relationship with the harmonious aspects you have. And you need to decide what is important to you in the relationship, what you can overcome and what you can hold!

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