Keep healthy foods firm and eat longer – 8 things you should eat!


Healthy eating is the starting point for creating the last change in your life. Although it is recommended to add vegetables to your meal, many people do not know what vegetables can do for them Not a big advantage of adding certain vegetables to your daily diet Learning helps you feel better and live a longer life.

The following is a list of recommended vegetables to add daily to your meal, you can give you a special benefit.

List of highly recommended vegetables to add to your diet:

  • Collard Greens – These vegetables can serve beta carotene, vitamin E, calcium
  • Sweet Potatoes Eat periodic starch potatoes and try sweet potatoes. Antioxidants by eating these are provided to your system. This may be necessary to supply nutrients to diseases that are suffering. Sweet potatoes can often help control certain diseases with the properties contained.
  • Broccoli – Eating this vegetable helps to protect cancer from your system. They have calcium and add vitamin C essential for healthy bodies.
  • onion – Eating comments decreases blood glucose levels and increases the flow of the cardiovascular system.
  • Carrot – Helps to provide beta carotene, the body needs to be healthy.
  • Spinach – Raw spinach can add so many good nutrients and vitamins to your body. It is also good to mix with other types of lettuce variety.
  • Kale – Another vegetable needed to add the necessary nutrients and vitamins to the body.
  • eggplant – Many people may not know this, but it helps to provide nutrients to the brain. Eggplant also features low calories and is added to pasta to eat this type of vegetables while giving various meals.

Healthy Eating Tips

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