It's okay not to be well


"I wish I could take my twenty-one-year-old face (recovering from adolescent acne) in my hands and tell him: it's okay not to be well, I promise." Sheila shares. After graduating from seminary, Sheila says she was determined to do things right. If he could give his younger self some good advice, he would say, "You will fall again and again, but instead of understanding the love of God, you will get more." Your heart is going to break, but you will survive, and it will change the way you see people, not as causes to be saved but as people to be loved. Sometimes the night will get very dark, but you will never be alone, even when you are absolutely convinced that you are. And, you are loved. "

Sheila believes that many of us assume that God's love is based on our behavior." We have prepared ourselves for a devastating fall, "she says, perhaps promising God that you will pray more. , you will share your faith more or you will read your Bible, but when you lack these things you may feel that you have failed. "Sheila says:" I stopped beating myself trying to live a life that Jesus never asked me to live. "Life that I recently came from of the seminary, determined to save the world, love those who are not kind, sleep nine hours each night and never let God get discouraged "tried to live for so long." She says it's okay not to be good. Jesus Sheila gave her life to God when she was 11. Today, she is sixty-one years old, "It's been fifty years of falling and getting up again." Fifty years of trying to be worthy of love Fifty years of doing the same things again and again, with the hope that they come out otherwise this time. There are also fifty years of God's faithfulness and this beautiful invitation of Christ, "Sheila reveals.

There is an old Chinese proverb that Sheila shares:" The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The second best moment is now. "No matter what is true in your life right now, Sheila wants …

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