Is technology causing your child's obesity?


My regular reader knows that I grew up in the 70's and that there was no Game Boy or DS, not to mention the iPhone, Wii, X-Box gaming system. We played outside and made it possible for Mom to play "5 minutes" when we called to us for dinner.

In today's society, there is a video game that grows children in large quantities? Let's examine this topic.

There are three kinds of children:

1. Focusing on sports, I really do not care about video games.

2. Focused on sports spending some of their downtime games.


For the sake of clarity, the word "sports" includes traditional unnecessary sports (baseball, baseball, baseball, etc.) but sports, soccer, volleyball, soccer etc.), support, Another team or solo program that provides daily or at least three exercises over 30 minutes, dancing, gymnastics, swimming, cycling, running, weight lifting, one week

What is the relationship between obesity and children's video game? What?

A typical child spends eight hours a day in the classroom. Probably it's 30 minutes by gym class. Outside that 30 minutes, the only time the infant must move and move the body is after school or weekend. If they are not involved in activities that can move their bodies, they become very easy to sit and weight gain begins over time. Children's diet is not the best. We all know it. Chicken nuggets, hamburgers, French fries, ice creams, mac and cheese, pop tarts, juice boxes or soda are key elements of childhood diet planning. Of course, your parents are focusing on health and wellness, and the diet plan shifts to a healthy one. Usually exercise and activities are included. How do you expect a child to have a healthy body when the child sits in front of a school or home TV or gaming machine, or eats starch or sugar-rich food? It is not feasible.

Add ADD and ADHD the problems you experience in our society. Perhaps, are these issues related to inactive and poor diets? We did not have ADD and ADHD in the 1970s. The children burned extra energy and ate healthy meals. Fast food was treatment, not everyday. The problem of obesity and focus was not as common as today. All of these are not for people to take on their own responsibility and not to pass these lessons to the next generation honey candy.

The wonderful thing about this is that you can easily change it. We choose how we deal with our bodies. Those who complain about children are not eating something other than fast food, but please look from an objective standpoint not as a victim. I have never seen a child ride a car, go to a fast food restaurant, and buy a happy meal on their own. Parents taught me about this food, taught me to feed poor people, I am occupied in video games instead of going out with kids or building bonds to grow and become a useful member of society It was made to be. Yes, I said that. I believe that children who are not taught about self-respect and personal responsibility have a high possibility of obesity and a high possibility of victims as adults. If you choose to treat your body as a temple instead of health program, social assistance program, garbage box, it will be social drainage until unnecessary disability payment.

This cycle begins in childhood. I will proceed until I become an adult in teens years. As a parent, we not only teach children the value of self-respect but also not only teach valuable things to put healthy nutritious foods and ideas into their bodies and minds, but also to educate their values With our own mind

Next time, when the child asks to eat fast food in front of the video game console, please take time to rate the situation. Please ask yourself how you can make different choices. A choice that immediately affects your child's life, affecting decades and future generations.

Please act at your own risk. I love myself. Please be respectful. Differences occur · Different. Choose different lives. Please choose to teach people around you by giving examples. become happy! Send a fulfilling life! You deserve to have it all!

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