Is Consuming Fat As Bad As They Say? Here Are Some Fat Facts For a Healthier Diet


As a St Kilda personal trainer, I experienced various diets, Atkins diet, zone diet, anabolic diet, chocolate diet that you can think of. Pizza diet; detox diet, and even diet that I think "myself is thin". People trying to lose weight have heard of this, perhaps they may have tried a few. The latest diet trends are always foretold by media and magazine article celebrities, we will lose 10 kg in 10 days and we are going to claim along the line that you eat whatever you want! Unfortunately, in reality it's not that simple.

Good fat versus bad fat

Fat is a necessary part of a healthy diet, in fact your diet is necessary. It consists of about 30% fat.

– saturated fats

These are often insufficiently beneficial to health and are often claimed to be bad fat due to the heart disease. This is not necessarily true, but actually saturated fats are quite beneficial. Common sources are cheese, butter, meat, coconut oil. Tell your ancestors who have survived millions of years to eat these very natural fat sources and cause heart disease!

– Monounsaturated fats

General sources are oils like olive, rapeseed and peanut, also found in nuts and seeds.

– polyunsaturated fats

These are useful for lowering "bad" cholesterol levels in the blood. They are also important as they contain essential fatty acids that the body can not make on its own. Interestingly, they also need to supplement the monovalent unsaturated fat in the diet so they can also reduce "good" cholesterol.

– trans fat [19659002] These are the sources of fat of a horrible man with no food in your diet, these are included in things like cakes, pastries, fast food etc. Avoid trans fat!

It is harmful to cut all the fat from the diet because diet with too little fat causes hormonal and skin problems, inhibits control of inflammation and adversely affects blood pressure.

Eat lots of fat every day It is not sometimes a high-fat diet that happens occasionally, instead of keeping eating low-fat versions of your favorite processed foods, instead of eating fat in everyday meals It is more beneficial to restrict its intake to less than 30%, keep it natural, if you look at the quantity.If you can not kill it, pick it from the ground, pick it from the leaves Do not eat it .. It is worth noting that many packaged foods that claim to be low fat may actually be very high in sugar!

Healthy to reduce bad fat Methods:

The following list is six ways to reduce the fat content of meals without purchasing pre-packaged low fat products:

– fresh herbs, lemon juice 19659002] – not fried

– Replace cream with plain yogurt

– Eat more fish and chicken

in your recipe

Use grill, steam, microwave

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