Intuitive Food – Take a non-Diet approval-based approach to overcome emotional feeding


If you want to call a truce with your body in the war, you must first start taking peace with food. Diet always wants what you think you can not have. Assuming you are a woman doing a continuous diet like me, you quietly silence your obesity and misfortune based on the size of your thigh or other body part It is.

98% of all diets do not work in the UCLA survey

Many weight loss experts say "quit dieting". Eating emotionally, or to ease your emotions is very common. In fact, it accounts for nearly 98% failure rate of diet. In April 2008, Traci Mann, Associate Professor of Psychology at UCLA, shared the results of the combined study of 31 different long-term studies, reduced weight on meals, tracked progress by 2 to 5 years of research I analyzed the people who chose to do. As the chief author of the research, "I found that most people recovered their weight and recovered much more. Although a small number of participants saw sustained weight loss, most of them We've recovered and we will have a sustained weight loss or health benefit due to the majority of people. "

Intuitive meal: diet other than natural diet for weight control

Intuitive diet: When listening to what options are best to consider instead of meals, The problem is that you learned to believe like an obese, trust your body, ignore your hunger, believe that you can never be satisfied thinking of a positive body image Women who often avoid dieting and practice a process called intuitive meals. This is a nutritionist, Evelyn Tribole, MS, RD, Elyse Resch, MS, RD "Intuitive Food: Revolutionary Program"

According to Mr. Tribole and Resch, "Intuitive food is A permission – based approach to teach you how to create a healthy relationship, mind and body You will eventually become your own body expert y -. You learn how to distinguish between physical and emotional feelings , Get a physical perception.It is also a process of making peace with food, so you no longer have the idea of ​​"food insecurity" any more.

The ten principles that will make Tribole and Resch intuitive foods are as follows.

1. Refuse the idea of ​​a diet Remove your diet books, fat and calorie counts. I will not eat any more.

2. Praise your hunger Please eat when your body says "I am hungry". This will rebuild the relationship between you and your food.

3. Make peace with food Call a ceasefire of the food war. Please give permission to eat unconditionally. No more poverty

4. Challenge food police Monitor your spirit of your diet, monitor self-critical, defeat the body, watch horrorful fear thinking, fear food, think cake as bad To

. Respect your wealth Be careful of the delicate body signals that you are no longer hungry and be careful. Pausing in the middle of a meal and noticing how the taste of food differs when hungry.

6. Discover satisfaction factor Embrace all the senses to enjoy your food. When you eat what you really want, you are less likely to eat in an inviting and fun environment. There is an old Japanese word "Hara, Hachi Bunme". "Hala, bee and bunme" is the abbreviation "stop eating when it is full of 80%".

7. honor your emotion not using food find a way to cope with stress without eating. Feed a new way to learn how to comfort, raise, distraction and solve your problem without using food.

8. Respect your body Make your buddies on your body. If your body can not thank you for seeing it, please love it. Doing this will help you feel better about who you are.

9. Exercise – Find a fun and entertaining way to move. Go at your own pace and find what works for you. Avoid the goal of losing weight.

10 Respect your health – Choose not only a good taste but also a pleasant food.

According to Tracy Tylka, assistant professor of psychology at Ohio State University, she says that intuitive food is losing weight and eating less. A woman who diets. When they get hungry, they eat what they want. When hunger passes away they stop eating. What do you think? Are you ready to learn how to become an intuitive companion?

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