Interesting advantages of outdoor play for children


Regardless of whether I was a roller skate, play time was a childhood, regardless of whether I chase a playing partner or I am exploring the surroundings. One of my favorite memories is snake hunting.

Summer time was to climb trees at the end, wiggle the grapes, enjoy themselves and find comfort naturally. We improvised our own performances and made our own rules.

When Mickey Mouse Show debuted in the autumn of 1955, child's play has changed forever. The first commercial of Mattel's "Thunder Bump" gun was aired on this show. Prior to that fateful day, advertisements of toys appeared on TV only during the Christmas season. Almost one night, children's play was focused on shopping toys, not activities.

Youngstars did not know that while studying climbing trees, watching caterpillars, checking local swimming places, he was learning goodwill skills with his playing partner. They did not notice that they developed important cognitive skills called "executive functions". Under the pleasure of the surface and fun time, they were developing self-regulation that could resist their impulses, control their emotions and behaviors, and demonstrate self discipline.

According to KidsHealth's survey, it has become clear that over 40% of children feel almost stress, if not all. More than 75% of the children wanted more free time

Obviously rediscovering free play will relieve stress, increase joy, satisfaction, and connection. Parents who help children "do nothing" and make them "just alive" will notice family happiness.

It can be the best remedy for excessive, over-programmed, hurry, stressful living.

Author David Elkind says that regeneration is essential for the development of physical, intellectual and social emotions in all ages. "This is especially true of the form of pure play, which is an unstructured, self-motivated, imaginative and independent kind that children initiate their own games and invention their own rules. What is the best play There is only one imagination.If you do not get enough as a child remember, please remember: "It is not too late to have a happy childhood"

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