Instinctively eat


I start with the privilege that instinctive meals mean healthy eating. I strongly believe that the body can convey accurate information on the necessity of nutrition to the brain. It is only a moderate amount of food and health benefit food.

Most of these natural eating instincts are lost alasily or on the way. Usually during the growth process, adults project unhealthy habits to children and always provide a range of food that is not the best choice. As an adult, we shape our own diet which is more or less healthy. We are usually worried about the eating habits of children, but their instincts are often right.

When I remember that my theory refused food that was found to be too greasy or too deeply fried, I have my child's experience as a starting point. Observing eating babies and children's behavior shows you what you instinctively eat. Small children who did not have time to be influenced by adults, the instincts that can be eaten by nature are not compromised. In contrast to adults' opinion on eating, they want to eat many smaller meals, and they are only on an empty stomach.

To support my thesis, I rely on recommendations made by baby nutrition experts. They encourage babies to feed on request and will not force them to program. Therefore, the meal program is generated by the internal scheduler as necessary.

So from the children we should eat on an empty stomach and we know the amount strictly required by the needs of the body. Even if we are not hungry, we should not be misled by social cues such as eating with friends or having lunch to be at noon 12 o'clock.

Another reason to support simpler eating habits theory is based on food that nature provides. All living things naturally find what they need to keep life. In theory, foods of natural origin of inborn state should be enough to guarantee a healthy existence. I do not support classical eating habits, but I refer to simple methods of ancient food. In modern times, more modern and more complicated diseases are developing. This includes increased incidence of dental caries, allergies, and various diseases of the digestive system such as diverticulitis, most of which are closely related to modern meals. Human beings were not made for highly refined sophisticated processed foods. Cooking, a great discovery, was a means to make food more digestible. Today, we are experiencing extreme versions of modern food, one with processed foods and pre-prepared meals abundantly.

It is undoubtedly unhealthy to eat raw foods such as vegetables and fruits in proportion to cooked meals. It is also healthy to choose modest ones as natural as possible.

We need to rethink our diet and healthy way of eating. However, it is difficult to reeducate ourselves and it is easy to get good habits from scratch. First, we need to forget everything we know, remove all unhealthy customs, then rediscover the food. And it is even more difficult to resist the many temptations scattered around us.

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