Ingredients of Your Chinchilla Dust Bath


It rarely rains the environment of the dry rocks of the Andean mountain range in South America, but wild chinchillas manage and manage the environment to the fullest. For various tea that covers only within the area, whenever valuable water is available, widen the vast roots spreading underground to the ground and spread it underground, meat. In the case of wild chinchillas, eat Succulent plants instead of drinks.

As many chinchillas are captured and domesticated, companies and pet owners are trying to imitate aspects of natural habitat.

Chinchilla fur is rich and thick, protects the body from extreme temperatures, and protects sensitive skin from bacteria and parasites. Unlike other livestock, you can not wash pet chinchillas with water or shampoo. Their skin is susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections by moisture. For this reason, even in the wild, rub the chinchillas with clean dust and clean them. Chinchilla dust is formulated to absorb and remove only excess oil, dirt, and moisture without drying the pet's coat.

Most chinchillas' dustbuses on the market today are written beneath the parts of the chinchilla dust "label. In the wild, the dust they are turning is a fine volcanic ash found in the area It consists of eroded pumice, or a combination of both.Our products are made of pumice rock.The "chinchilla bath sand" product is "100% natural volcano found in the Andes mountains It was made entirely from the pumice of the earth. "

For other products such as "Sun Seed Sunthing Special Chinchilla Dust Bath", the product displays a list of "Fuller & # 39; s earth". Interestingly, movie sets can simulate larger and cheaper explosions using powdered minerals.

Other possible ingredients to be placed in the dinner mixture of the chinchilla include truly fine sand and some fragrance. Please pay attention to cheap knockdown. In the brands of Kaytee and Pet Scentsations, various Tin Kira dust buses from melon to raspberry are offered. Anila Other brands declare that their products are environmentally friendly and all natural.

Chinchilla dust is usually affordable depending on the size you want or need to keep. The price is from about $ 4 (about 30 ounces) to about $ 30 (in case of a big bag of dust over 60 pounds). Many pet owners usually try different products and see if they are most suitable for the chinchillas they have.

By knowing exactly what is in the chinchilla dust bath you can better understand the chinchillas and their basic needs. And like a good consumer, I try to find only the best products available for your pet.

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