Ideal Body Mass Index – A Benchmark For Healthy Weight


Applying your weight to only your ideal body mass index is part of reaching the part that is regarded as the ideal weight. To reach ideal things for you, other factors must also be considered. This includes hip joint weight (WHR), fat percentage, muscle and bone mass, body type, and so on.

Weight gain and weight are long known as risk factors for breast cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and most other diseases. The most accurate assessment of your ideal healthy weight will take into account your body composition – how much body fat mass (muscle and bone) and how much body fat. For optimum health condition, body fat should not exceed 20% of body weight for men and 30% for females.

In order to achieve optimum weight, the formula of body mass index or BMI chart will be the starting point to set healthy weight target benchmark. Unfortunately, most women have independent beliefs about how much women should be ideal weight, thanks to marketing and advertising campaigns for consumer products for fashion and beauty. In most cases, the ideal weight of a woman is much lower than the actual "ideal weight" and it is not a realistic goal. On the other hand, men tend to think that the ideal weight is heavier than medically recommended. I think that eating more is just a good legend.

Some BMI charts can be found online to determine your constitutional index if you are not the type you want to do some mathematics. The categories of BMI are as follows:

Body weight less than 18.5 kg. The range from 18.5 to 24.9 is normal weight. The range above 25.0 is overweight. A range of 30 or more is obese.

The usual allowable range for this measurement is 20.1 to 25.0 for men and 18.5 to 23.8 for women. Athletes and bodybuilders are exempt from this range. Their extra muscles may lead BMI beyond the usual range.

When charting your ideal physique index you need to consider other factors.

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