I would like to appreciate my husband – How to make a husband of a slave of Cuckoo wood!


You say to yourself, "I want to hug my husband." How are you doing?

Cool Wood?

What does it mean to be a slave husband? This is a husband who abandoned his wife and sexual intimacy unless given a dominant wife as treatment.

I want to …

Your husband needs to want it. The wife finds herself as a boyfriend or boyfriend and these men become the primary means of her sexual release. It will not be avoided. Cuckolding's wife calls this stage "sit". You and your husband will sit down and come clean. Please open completely. He

Rules for him …

If your husband wants it, you can start his transformation. You start with giving him a rule to dominate his life from now on. Rules help to strengthen new relationships. The most common thing is that he must not masturbate. You control his sexual release. This will give you much power. And your husband will love to possess this power.

Remove him from sexual expression …

There is no longer any thought of your husband as a person who meets your sexual needs. Join Facebook, MySpace, dating site and create personal ads on Craigslist. Please make yourself a boyfriend.

Sweets …

Please wait your husband for sexual treatment.

Only if your husband has an excellent man in your life, have you seriously made a slave husband? Show your sexual intimacy with other men. Please allow your husband to masturbate. In a very rare case, engage him in sexual situations.

I am the first step in a new dominant obedient relationship for you, I want to embrace my husband. It takes time to get used to you. Ultimately, you will have a happy husband slave husband. And your relationship seems to be more fulfilling for both of you.

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