I Think I Scared Him Off! What Your Next Step Should Be


"I think he was scared!" Well, is not that what you really want to say about a man you really like? As much as you really want to believe he is busy as he is saying, your heart tells you that he was out because you are too strong. What did you do? Did he talk about marriage before dating exclusively? Did you say that he loved him before he was ready to hear it? Whatever it is, the ultimate result is what you really have to deal with right now. He is making himself rare, you are panicking and all the planned future that he was with is gone in the fog. There are two choices in this situation. You can succumb to defeat, you can just let him escape from your life forever, or you can re-create yourself in your own eyes. The latter sounds much better. You may be fed up, but you absolutely have the chance to compensate yourself.

Scaring people is much easier than most of us realize. The first stage of the relationship is very different from the perspective of men and women. When we persuade women, honesty is always the best policy, so we want to say to him. That is to a certain extent. Before you are ready to hear it, you become strong, he runs for the door so fast that his feet carry him. The same thing can be said by noticing that you are married on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd day and imagining loving babies are adorable. He is panicking and the easiest way humans cope with the panic of the relationship is to escape.

I realized why you scared him, so it's time to undo this date error. First of all, please give him some time. He shocks him with a text message telling him phone, email, or how disappointing it is not cut it. Your behavior will be much better than yours and he will be more than ever trying to make him want you. I can not forgive this.

After a couple of weeks later, I will call him for a short time if I have time. If he can not answer (and he does not intend to do so), just what you were, what he was, what you were very busy, and some points. This "at some point in time" part is important as it gives you the impression that you are not fighting to see him and you are not trying to repair a relationship that has collapsed already .

Your message calls you and plots him. Again, I will not hurry to look at him, nor will I advertise your desires surrounded by the remaining arms that love your days. You say that you are busy next week, but you have told you that you want to have a cup of coffee in the coming weeks. Please control your tension feeling desperately so that you will not be too blurred by hearing your voice.

By handling this delicate situation in a direct and non-threatening way it will show you that you are not a loving fool running behind him. If you really fear him, your new, relaxed, uncommitted attitude will show him that he may have misread you first. We all change the person who is interested and shows exactly that you are not the one who you thought might be the redemption grace you were looking for.

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