Hypnotherapy for weight loss: What is it, how it works, it's all about things


Hypnotherapists quickly become accustomed to the fact that clients have a certain prejudice about the whole business of hypnotherapy. Even when they are not saying that they will "make him crow like a chicken", "will you let me sing like Barbara Streisand? I would like to ask them all the questions completely I would say to charge a special rate for such services usually! But I think hypnotherapy is actually a hypnotherapist is a serious treatment tool Take some pain to explain that treatment is not part of the magical species of being a serious business Partnership between client and therapist.

Client's expectation is very high It is important that they can be very helpful.When clients expect high results, they are already working on solving problems. When expectation or expectation is low – "I will not abandon smoking" – We need to investigate these prejudices so that positive results will be more reliable.

If the client is seeking treatment with low self esteem, for example, or other personality, it is usually correctly set within a single session space. However, with problems of habits like weight loss people are expecting a single session solution very often. In some cases this is possible. Normally it is not. Weight loss is actually a complicated problem. What I want to do here is to explain a bit more about both the problem itself and its treatment.

Why do people get overweight? Everyone's situation is different, but the reason can be classified under three headings:

i. Personal reason – low self-esteem, deaths, comfortable meals due to many other causes.

ii. Reasons for lifestyle – busy to cook, no time, do not want to exercise, etc.

iii. Physical reason – Thyroid problems, moisture retention, metabolism related problems and so on.

These categories are not exclusive – their weight problem is due to factors from any combination of these three groups. To clarify the problem, let's give some examples.

The man lives by himself. He can buy his cooked meal because he can not care about cooking for one person. He insists on eating a discreet amount – it may be true. However, it is of simple dishes such as food causing problems, takeouts, hamburgers, pizza, and sausages and bacon. He likes to relax on beer. Or 7.

Women occupy the position of responsibility in the workplace and must work whenever necessary. Long, irregular time, sitting but stressful work, no time to exercise, a meal torn on the hooves, appeal to the chocolate bar to get rid of the suffering of inconvenient hunger, alcohol and various Going to a meeting pound with customers at a wine bar while drinking nibbles and snacks increases blood pressure

A man is away from his long-term partner. In most cases, things are okay when you are occupied, with your friends, at work. But at home, in a flat flat place in the sky, he encounters something that makes the evening feel a little barren.

A lonely and frustrated woman eats chocolate, cake, sweets, chocolate as a kind of comfort and self-punishment. As she feels that she will not be happy, what is the problem if she is overweight?

Even with the above example at a glance, we can see that weight control is rarely a single and separable problem. It does not suit anyone. A personal problem may have to recognize and deal with what it is – a separate problem. Weight loss problems can be approached in various ways. Here are some of the available methods.

i. Direct suggestion

This is usually like being taught at a training college. It is a script that eats less, it removes saturated fats and carbohydrates and eats slowly. The advantage of this method is its common sense and simplicity. The downside is the lack of clarity and flexibility. Do not eat well! But exactly does it mean "less"? how much? Are we cutting out all saturated fats, carbohydrates etc? Where do we draw a line? Are there any advantages to eating less meals inappropriately?

ii. Positive reinforcement

If you know what food your client should eat, you can enhance this by emphasizing the deliciousness, juicy, etc. of "healthy" food. You can also enhance the positive benefits of losing weight – feel better, healthier, lighter lethargy.

iii. Visualization.

Here you will "see" yourself after losing weight. The advantage is that it gives the loser what to sense, aim at the direction. The downside is that there is no way to know if what they see is 'realizable', sound or realistic.

iv ….

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