How your health choices can affect your child


If you are a young person and are considering having children, there may be reasons for further compliance with diet and exercise programs. Rather new fields, called epigenetic processes, ignore the interesting facts of how we send genetic signals to children. We always know the correlation between mother's health during pregnancy and infant's health, but we can see that the genetic signal sent by her father also has an important meaning. And they go deeper than we thought.

According to a recent survey in Australia, obese father not only raises the risk of obesity not only in children but also in grandchildren, in further examples of this study the risk of developing type 2 diabetes in both males and females has increased It became clear. My father's folate deficiency solved the problem that the risk of congenital defects was 30% higher. Folic acid is a necessary ingredient for overall neurological health including learning, memory, cognitive ability.

All of these findings have shown to have a profound effect on the nutritional status of the fetal father. Currently, father's health is thought to affect the health of children more than mothers. This is certainly a new ground for understanding what parental health choices will have on children and grandchildren.

We know now that human genes are malleable, we know that there is a possibility that influences can be influenced by the environment with thoughts and feelings, and we are likely to be shaped, so we know that they are affected positively It is. Everyone has the power to cause a change in genetic expression depending on the lifestyle they lead. If they are right, their diet and environmental choices can give special protection against potential health problems of children.

Perhaps the most obvious goal for the health of the poor is about obesity. Although the obesity rate in the United States and around the world is rising dramatically, it grows with an amazing proportion with children. Unless we do reversing this trend as a society these "fat genes" will be inherited by future generations and it will become increasingly difficult to reverse the tendency of overweight population.

As the understanding of epigenetic genetics deepens as to how crucial the choice of parents' wise lifestyle is important, we should hit more light. Certainly, it will be impossible to control every factor that leads to your child's health. But we understand that there are more factors under our control than we have thought so far. People can not completely dismiss health problems that our children have as bad luck or as God's will no longer have. In the United States, our infant mortality rate is the worst in developed countries. Through education and understanding, future parents have the ability to minimize their terrible figures compared to other countries in the world.

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