How Video Games Affect Health


Are you concerned about the impact of video games on your child's health? Or, it is strange about such things and you may need to look it up for the paper. For the information you need in this topic, there is a link at the bottom that you can read further.

The whole article is about how video games generally affect people's health. The general positive and negative impact on health is the subject of discussion.

Impact on health of video games

Let's see how video games have a positive effect on your health.

The most strange thing about the positive impact of video games can be seen in the medical field. People (especially young people) receiving painful treatment due to cancer-like diseases can divert themselves from pain for a long time using video games.

Video games also have a positive psychological effect. Certain games used as part of a comprehensive program can further help autistic children and other children with developmental disabilities.

Studies have also shown that video games improve mental abilities such as hand and eye coordination. More intelligent games such as strategies and puzzle games can also improve problem solving and provide intellectual stimulation.

Negative impact of video game impact on health

The adverse health consequences of video games are widely reported. The actual evidence of the game directly causing certain adverse effects is very weak. Other negative influences are usually due to extra play of video games for a long time. Parents involved in the time that children spend on video games should encourage them to balance timeouts and other activities. Very harmful effects such as hallucinations are very rare and may be caused by other unknown factors.

Epileptic seizures and sensitive individuals Sensitivity to individuals can cause seizures if sudden flickering or rapid screen changes occur during the game. The amount of play is not very important as people prior to an attack may experience seizures even after a few minutes of play.

Those who have sitting activities such as comfortable living (poor exercise, rather inactivity) and video games have aftereffects such as heart and muscle problems and obesity. It is usually tied to the diet of poor people such as genetically modified foods and junk foods.
Some studies suggest that there is a link between violent games and aggressive attacks, but research is limited and usually does not take into account other variables such as training and environmental conditions.


Video games have both positive and negative effects on health. However, the effect varies greatly depending on the type of game and play frequency. Certain adverse effects may be caused by other factors associated with excessive play of the game, but usually can be rectified by living a healthier life. The positive factors of the health impact of video games also depend on the type of game played and its frequency.

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