How to Write a Newsletter While Confronting a 10 Foot Tall, Man-Eating Potato


If you are asked for advice on how to create a newsletter, please tell me here. Imagine you are watching the serial of your favorite TV detective at home. You followed the story for 12 weeks, but now the identity of the murderer is revealed in the last episode.

Suddenly it will penetrate through the door and explode human eat potatoes 10 feet high. You glance at the television to see this unexpected visitor dominating you hit the murderous light in your eyes. What is your occupation?

You have been spending a long time for this program, so you are still trying to stop you. Or forget the show, take avoidance action?

Your main concern
It is a tough choice, but here I am seeing it. When a big insecticidal potato approaches me and the position for killing is set, my safety will be my top priority. Other than that is secondary.

What is the way to write a newsletter?

Well, it seems that many people writing newsletters have priorities in the wrong way. At the expense of truly important things, they focus on being their favorite TV detective serial – 10 feet tall, human beings eat potatoes.

Organizations that do not know how to create newsletters
We receive at least 12 newsletters from various companies and public sector organizations that do not know how to utilize this medium every month. It is amazing how many of them are committing the same basic mistake. They give priority to mistakes.

I will talk about my actions, products and services using the newsletter, but ignoring the needs, concerns and concerns of the reader.

The truth is that most people have not read about you or your organization. That is not funny. They want to read something about themselves and things that affect their lives.

In other words, since you have to change the direction of your newsletter, all the information contained in it will be presented from the reader's point of view.

For example, if you want to tell people that you are about to launch a new product, you need to show how it will be useful. In order to tell the reader about the amazing solution you provide you need to talk about the problem. If you realize that you understand what they are passing through, please tell me how to solve those problems.

Great PR Tools
The newsletter can be a wonderful PR tool by putting this together, but you need to use it wisely. Most of the articles posted in the newsletter should deal with one or more of the following problems.

  • How will this affect readers?
  • Why do I need to be concerned about this?
  • What do they have?

Come and describe some details about your organization and its activities. But do it in a way that answers the above questions. Explain why each story is important to them. Please tell me how it will make a difference in their lives. They show that they understand their world and the challenges they face. In short, please make readers a star in your newsletter.

Next time when you are involved in the creation and editing of newsletters, I do not know what to focus on, so there are several steps to try.

First of all, let's consider your priorities. Then, please make sure you get them in the correct order. And finally, as you are in a safe place, imagine that you are approaching potatoes eating ten feet of humans.

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