How to Treat Mononucleosis | Foods & Healthy Recipes


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Whatever it is, healthy diet is the way to fast recovery. For easy and easy recipes to help recover from Mononucleosis, please watch this video!



Mononucleosis is a viral infection. As it spreads from one person to another through a verbal contact like a kiss, it is commonly known as kiss disease. Monoviruses proliferate in white blood cells and attack the respiratory system, lymphatic tissue, and other glands in the body.


Symptoms to look for:

• Fever
• sore throat
• Swollen spleen
• Skin rash



Viral infection spread by oral contact


Food groups to eat with mononucleosis:

1. Vitamin A: Increases immunity

Eating food: orange, papaya, tomato, watermelon, mango, carrot, beetroots, green pepper, broccoli, spinach

2. Vitamin C: Increase antibody production

Consuming food: lemon, orange, kiwi fruit, Indian Gooseberry

3. Vitamin E: Neutralize toxins in the body

Consuming food: almond, walnut, whole grain flour, wheat germ, avocado

4. Probiotics: Producing healthy bacteria fighting infectious diseases

Consuming food: yogurt

5. Omega 3: Reduce inflammation

Consuming food: fish and linseed

6. Liquid: Supplies the necessary vitamins and minerals,
Prevent dehumidification

Consuming food: coconut water, barley water, fruit juice, vegetable juice, wheat grass juice


Recipes based on the above food group:

Recipe 1: Kiwi Fruit & Wheat Grass Juice

Blend one grass of wheat and distort it
2. Next, put 2 kiwi in juicer
3. Add 3 slices of pine tree to it.
4. Also add one chopped guava
5. Make juice all together
6. Now, this juice with wheat grass juice

You can eat this juice with breakfast

Recipe 2: Beat Route raita

1. Beat Route 1
2. Add 150 grams of yoghurt.
3. Add 1 / 4th TSP ginger garlic paste, salt, pinch.
4. Now, with a small pot heat 1/2 tsp oil
5. Add some mustard and asafoetida.
6. When mustard begins to tingling, yogurt and
Beetroot mixture
7. Mix well and offer it

This raita makes a healthy accompaniment for any meal



• Avoid foods that suppress the immune system


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