How to Teach Your Children About Healthy Eating


Preparing a healthy meal for a child, especially today, can be done when there are lots of temptations around. Surveys show that over 76% of children do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. Learning ways to cook healthily for a child is full of fresh and nutritious ingredients, which means to make a meal with a great taste. Since childhood obesity and juvenile diabetes are increasing, it is now important to teach children about the benefits of taking health.

Talk with your children

encourage your children to eat healthily and choose the right food. Children develop self-esteem when learning to eat themselves. Learning about the benefits of a balanced diet will help your child develop lifelong habits and maintain health. Good nutrition helps children avoid diseases that were carried in food and provide them with energy and nutrients that require vitality.

Giving them choices

Children are more likely to eat the food they choose. Ask your child: "Do you like spinach or cottage cheese tonight?" The children are troublesome foods and it is difficult to eat a balanced diet. When forcing you to consume certain foods that your child does not like, he does not understand the importance of a healthy diet and does the opposite.

Use a healthy substitute

Thinking of your favorite meal, trying to easily change the recipe. For pure soup please use pure starchy vegetables or mashed potatoes instead of cream. Replace full fat cream cheese with low fat cottage cheese. Use rice milk instead of whole milk. Instead of regular bacon place a lean prostart or a Turkish bacon in a child's meal.

Become Creative

Let children prepare a healthy and colorful meal without healing fatigue. For example, you can make a fruit salad, but you can add some maple syrup and cut very small. Peel off the oranges and remove the seeds. Use a cookie cutter to give an interesting shaped sandwich. Please contest how much your child can eat fruits and vegetables of various colors.

cook with your child

Please bring your children to the kids. Use a colorful recipe book to encourage you to prepare a healthy diet. In the case of pack lunch, please participate in planning and preparation. Have the children help the kids as part of a meal on weekends. Prepare a meal together is a wonderful way to tell your child a positive message about nutrition.

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