How to please a woman verbally – use your tongue for her pleasures


Regarding pleasing women in the oral cavity, the biggest factor that often prevents women from reaching orgasm is not how well her partner knows. That is her.

But be sure that you are able to fight this self-destruction and that you are most likely to please women in your mouth. It will be explained in the rest of this article

Many women say that men put their heads close to her vagina I feel forgiving and feel very uncomfortable. They are worried about smell, taste, viewpoints from those angles, whether you will drown or cause you to die … all kinds of strange things.

One of the best things you can do is to reassure her and to inform you that you enjoy it. As a result of having your mouth and tongue in her vagina, I love seeing that they have those powerful orgasms, you love taste, smell and most important thing Please tell her it

Using a bath or shower together can not only spend the night together, but also sexual tension It is one of easiest ways to relax. Please make sure she is not self-conscious about her downstairs area as she arouses her as crazy and she feels beautiful.

Somewhat, it is a rock.

Standing behind her, bring her directly in front of the shower. Tell her to turn her back so that the water jet goes almost directly to the vagina. If one of these shower heads is in the moving coil, you are golden. But even if you do not do this, this is still a wonderful technique. Please play in the vagina with your hand while water is flowing. This guarantees you not only getting really deep clean there, but really exciting her.

Please try a clean workspace

As for cunnilingus, she is more excited. The less hair her is there the better. Not only is it difficult to see what is going on with hair, but she loses her mind. In addition, her hair around her vagina captures an unpleasant smell and increases the risk of infection. And in the end, let's face it – no one wants to flapping the teeth when anyone is trying to please a woman in her mouth.

Get rid of as much as possible. After all, the less hair, the better her feelings, her orgasm should be better.

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