How to Lose Your Belly Fat and Double Chin by Eating Low GI Foods


I had a hard time for years to get rid of the fat belly and double jaw. This is my story …

After nearly six years of battle, I lost my double jaw and big fat beer belly. After all, the solution was easier than I expected. If there were someone who could tell me at the beginning, it might show us the greatness of 6 years, I did not waste a lot of money on the outbreak and enjoyed the food I eat.

My fat belly appeared at the age of 26. I saw a big fat belly ridiculous. Where did it come from? I have eaten a lot of Christmas sausage rolls, or maybe I am 26 years old. The weight to lose was not what I did before, but I believed that the answer was easy. I was not an expert, but this simple formula was the easiest way to lose weight. It only had to be.

My fat belly was motivated to stop eating and go to the gym. I hit the gym with power. I skipped lunch to reduce my diet. I was convinced that this would make my beer hungry with a shot. After doing my best at the gym and having made himself hungry a few months later I lost weight disbeliefly. Efforts of 6 kg. However, when I looked at my belly, I did not look so small. In fact, it may be even bigger. I lost weight to all parts of my body with the abdomen.

My bodies burned my muscles to get extra energy if I did not do much exercise and eat enough. What I was doing was not productive, I reduced muscle and increased fat accumulation. This will be more difficult than I thought.

Double jaw was about to get worse at the age of 28. I was still trying to get rid of thoroughly how I managed the fertile belly, but I was completely lost. I exchanged weights for cardio. I chased a faster time on a bicycle and ran even further on a treadmill. A few weeks after eating a salad for lunch and hitting the treadmill every day, I saw the mirror and burned most of the muscles I was holding. I was back in a square.

In my letterbox there was a local gym flyer who advertised to rebuild the body with a special smart eating habit. I have never heard of Educogym, but the leaflet seems to be intrigued. My own weight loss experience has made me angry and cry. But since I got married, I did the last attempt to organize my body and I chose Educogym.

Gina taught us to take 12 days training everyday. Only 20 minuets at a time, but this is high strength. Gina taught me a new meal. Gina explained to me about chemicals called insulin. Insulin adjusts the blood sugar level in the body and affects how the body burns energy. If your insulin is kept low, your body burns fat, not muscle. In order to keep my insulin low, I need to remove certain things from my diet SUGAR.

There is no sugar, nothing made with flour. Starch such as bread and pasta is absorbed in the blood and lifts insulin. Even natural sugars from fruits need to be kept to a minimum. On the other hand, fat does not raise insulin.

Sugar is in many of our daily food. Only when you try to avoid it you will recognize how often you eat it. To my surprise, milk is 40% sugar. Do not eat white bread or eat bread. I need to train my body to burn fat and fat alone. So from now on I will eat only protein and fat. Something of me knew that this would work.

Breakfast was bacon and egg every day. There was no toast or anything else. My tea and coffee do not contain milk. I thought that I could use cream. Lunch was beef, lamb, or pork (without chicken), preferably meat with good fat content, and some green vegetables. Dinner is even more the same. It was beneficial to add some walnuts for additional fatty acids.

A few days later, my body was in a state of ketosis. That is because all the energy used for my body is from fat, not from carbohydrates. The fat and protein meal killed my hunger and prevented the chocolate and other morning snacks from getting sugar cravings. I was burning fat and sole fat. If there is not fat in my stomach and it burns, it must come from that big fat deposit.

I began to notice the difference from the second day. The flavor around my belly was soft all the time. Diet was somewhat boring, but it was unbearable. I really missed all those great sugar hits from chocolate and other foods. My wife saw me while he was recovering from my hard 20-minute training on the sofa and shouted, "Your double jaw has disappeared!" On the twelfth day I judged that the measured value lost 3% body fat, my double chin disappeared and my beer belly became about half.

Finally succeeded. After all these years, the dream has come true. My hungry was still there but it decreased drastically but there were still some work but the trend was broken. I knew how to hit fat now.

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