How to Look After Your Bones


How do you see your bones? It is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself!

Bone is a living tissue. It is made every day and has been refurbished. The peak age of bone mass is 20 years old. If your bone density is high at this age, it will give you greater protection of osteoporosis in later life. As you get older, you need to maintain your bone density and delay any loss in diet and practice.

By developing a healthy diet and taking appropriate exercise early in life, your bone mass will be kept longer. Multi vitamin supplement, fresh juice of vegetables and fruits, a lot of fruits and vegetables, supplements including fish, nuts, dairy products such as yoghurt, buttermilk, goat milk etc.

Osteoporosis means fragile bone. That is when calcium leaches out of bone without any symptoms. Many people do not know that there is osteoporosis until a crash or other accident destroys bone or bone. This accident will not lead to youth breakage.

Osteoporosis may be very restrictive to the body. This figure shows that 50% of women and 33% of men are fractured due to falls and accidents. Men need to build strong bones early in their lives. Women who ingest estrogen before menopause will limit the loss of calcium from the bone. In both men and women, the aging process will see a decrease in calcium. Therefore, osteoporosis may occur when bone becomes thin and bone becomes brittle.

What are some of the risk factors?


cigarette smoking

insufficient alcohol intake

alcoholic drink twice or more a day

physical activity disabled

drug – corticosteroid

vitamin D deficiency

19659002] Menstrual cycle disappears

Menopause before becoming 45 years old

Family history

How to strengthen your bones:

* Sunlight to provide vitamin D to the body

* Eat fish 19659002] * Stop smoking

* Restrict caffeine and alcohol

By following the exercise plan you can slow osteoporosis as you get older. It is most important to start this diet and exercise program early in life. This is because bone thinning is strengthened as much as possible and it is extended. So, I look after your bones and take care.

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