How to Live Till 100 – 12 Things You Can Do Today to Live a Longer, Healthier Life


Everyone wants to be 100 years old, but there are only a few people in that era. As a result, you want to lead a better lifestyle. It means to be healthy. Here are some tips to bring you here.

1. A healthy diet is very important. You cause great confusion in your body and you do not want to eat processed food or fast food regularly because you get sick or become dull. You should also eat small quantities often throughout the day. As we evolved to eat through the day, we go full diet and your body will be healthy.

2. Do not eat red meat and meat every few weeks. Meat is what we need for iron, but people eat too much. Since you need to have more vegetables than meat, please eat meat every few weeks instead of every night.

3. Remove salt. Salt is bad for you and our food is overloaded. Please use lemon, garlic, onion powder instead.

4. Drinking plenty of water keeps your health healthy as we are composed of 60% water. As you drink as much water as you can, you lose weight and feel healthy for much of your life.

5. Fiber cleanses the stomach, intestines and intestines, so ingesting is very important. The more you clean it, the less bacteria and bacteria are, causing cancer and other serious problems. Eating prunes is also helpful.

6. Since exercise is very important, you should try it at least three times a week to maintain health.

7. Avoid exposure to the sun. You may develop skin cancer if you are too busy under the sun. It brings a serious change to the plan of living by the age of 100. If you are out under the sun, please keep a sunscreen and shade.

8. Do not smoke, please do not smoke, please do not smoke. Is there really anything else I can say here, or have you just learned about lung cancer?

9. Please challenge your brain through puzzles, reading etc. Your brain is healthy, it never takes 9 hours a day to sit in front of the TV. A healthy brain is a healthy body and a healthy body can last more than 100 years.

10. People who become happy are less stressful. In other words, by avoiding stress-related diseases such as cancer, you can live longer.

11. Take enough sleep every night. When you sleep 8 hours at night, your body will be relaxed and charged. This means you are more happy everyday.

12. Since early detection is the key to many different diseases, please take an annual health checkup. If you fail to check out yourself, you can sign a death certificate.

I can live to 100, it all starts with you. You need to change your lifestyle and focus on becoming happy and healthy in the future. It starts with exercise and meal rights, continues with good sleep, good laughter and a good memory game. Do not give up your goals and celebrate that three-digit event before you know it.

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