How to live longer


Recent scientific studies have shown that people less than 1000 calories a day live longer than people eating 2,000 calories a day. What does this mean, if you spend a lot of time, means that you need to eat the amount of food you are eating, you live longer, it does not include that time. Imagine what you can do with this extra time. Spend some time with your family, learn new sports, what you want.

Limiting food intake, but as long as you mean, is one of the many things necessary to extend lifespan and your life. The type of food you eat is the same as the amount of food if it is not more important. Does it make sense?

# 1 exercise

The research definitely shows sports practice on a regular basis. Please imagine how much you will decide to practice it and feel better every day. Imagine comments you get from passers-by, see how they fit into the man and the health you are seeing.

# 2 water

Drinking water sinks all the horrible toxins that accumulate in your body. Also, your muscles are regularly made of replenishing water even in most cases. It looks big on the biceps brachii.

# 3 Baby steps

Your body always reacts to sudden changes in the environment and cruelty. By taking the baby ‘s steps, you will feel your body’ s stress. If the lack of mental stress leads to your mental ability to tackle other important matters, additional benefits.

# 4 Motivation

Is it worth a healthy diet to get your child growing to get another contract on this planet? This is a big motivation. If you tend to surrender, imagine it for you, you know that it works for you. You deserve the flesh and life you can proud of. Nobody can take this away from you. But the choice is yours.

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