How To Lick Out A Woman


Rather, women will have cunnilingus after sexual intercourse. The best thing about cunnilingus is that it hardly needs practice. By doing this action your partner can get a new satisfaction.

Warm Her Up

This is probably the most important step in all. When you do sexual activity, always try to warm her up beforehand. As women show the best response to romance, please make sure you have a sensual feel before you drop down to her. Kiss her neck or try rubbing her skin gently between her feet.

The First Lick

It is very important to pay attention not only to the vagina but also to the entire vaginal area. There is a nerve ending at the entrance, so it is a good place to start. Moving towards her clit a few minutes after stimulation is always a good idea, but it is not in a hurry.

I have a Tongue Intercourse

as I mentioned before. Most of the nerve endings are at the entrance of the vagina. Lick softly around the lips of the vagina and immerse the tongue with a round movement on the inside. In this way, you can hit all sensitive sensitive spots like her juice flows.

Finishing clitoris

When she feels ready, she starts quietly and slowly moves back and forth between clitoris and vaginal opening. Adjust the pressure accordingly. At this point, you must listen to her reactions and judge what she likes best.

Make her orgasm

The best way to take your partner to orgasm is to find the movement and pressure point she is responding to and stay there. Eventually her back arcs and she will get nervous. When she reaches this point she continues to move until she reaches her climax.

There is nothing more satisfying than going to a woman. Ultimately when we welcome her to the point of climax, we can see that all works are worthy of it. People love to be complemented with sexual abilities, so if you have doubts about your performance in the bedroom, you should definitely try out the cunnilingus.

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