How To Have Better Sexual Health By Eating The Right Foods


Are you feeling sick? take medicine. Lose some pounds? take medicine. Is not there energy? take medicine. depression? take medicine. Today 's society is an evacuation center society. We insist that people are aware of the increase in their sexual activity when they say that they are given placebo (sugar pills) and that sexual performance is enhanced. It has been proved that it is heartfelt to strengthen at least Libido.

Soybeans can be used to suppress blinking whitening, promote a healthy prostate gland, and help to lubricate the vagina. It adheres to the estrogen receptor which maintains the lubrication that the vagina needs. This is a problem that also occurs during menopause. Chili peppers can improve your circulation and stimulate nerve endings. Ginger can do the same.

Good blood flow is important for good erections so good food for your heart would be good for your penis. If your heart is not working properly, it is a very good opportunity for your penis to not respond and for you to like. As saturated fat clogs arteries and restricts blood flow, blood flow is also restricted to genital area. Yes, your body needs fat to make hormones, but you need the correct fat. Good fat comes from olive oil, sea food, nuts. These good fats help to produce hormones essential for sexual peak performance.

Foods said to have the aphrodisis nature are asparagus, banana, eel, oyster, fig and carrot. Rhino horns are said to enhance sexual desire. The taste, texture, or perhaps the appearance of these foods is thought to increase sexual activity. Some people believe that you strengthen your penis and eat foods that look like penis like the food you eat. The same can be said for oysters and figs. Oysters and figs look like women's vulva when they awake.

Sweet and spicy food is thought to make people feel relaxed and ready to do more.

Now the problem still exists, are these food myths working? No, they are not the way they are said to work. Food can not change how your sexual organs look. Food is a great way to make your sex life excitement, but why?

Drinking alcohol seems to be relaxed emotionally and physically. For a short time, it will let you wash away. Caffeine and sugar quickly enhance energy. These are short-term effects, but in reality it is important to eat healthy meals of fish and fresh vegetables and always eat regularly both physically and sexually.

Give each other with your lover. Picnic in the middle of the floor, put all the food around you and take over your imagination. "Karma Sutra" is a sweetened milk with sparrow eggs, rice and honey suggesting boiling testicles of lamb and goat and boiling for aphrodisiacs

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