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I hope this video will be useful! Please understand if you find it useful! Thanks for watching! 🙂

Anyway it took me a long time to understand what was wrong with my stomach. I have a stomach almost every day since I was a child. I visited a doctor every week and I did not know the reason. My stomach is very sensitive, so I absolutely have amazing facts. I swell from a lot of food. There are only a few things I mentioned in the video. I only eat them yet. This time my friend made a raw broccoli salad, I was very sick all night. I basically felt sick from eating raw broccoli, I could not sleep, I caused the worst convulsion. It is the same even if you eat too much raw kale or eat broccoli or cauliflower who cooked too much dish. An apple is also not great for my stomach. I will have cramps in the stomach immediately after ingesting apples. Now I thought about that, it made a lot of sense. Because the stomach cramps were so terrible that I had to eat apples for breakfast, so I had to call my mother to bring me to school! Lol! That's why I think you have to understand if food gives you flatulence problems. My bf, Adrian has no problem. lucky!

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