How to Gain Weight For Women – How to Go From Skinny to Curvy and Put on Weight Fast


It may seem strange to ask a society who is absorbed in losing weight how much weight can be increased. When everyone asks how to lose weight, everyone seems to have tried, but without great success, you will miss a huge list meal, armed struggle, clubs and explosives. But please tell me how you can put weight on a thin girl. And, you show a blank look, or worse, “Why do you want to gain weight?”

Well, for a hard gayner like you and me, this is a real problem . Skinny affects her self-confidence, health, self-esteem. However, there are solutions to all problems. Today, I will give you five tips I am using to solve the problem of how Skinny girls increase the weight of women.

Are you ready …

How to increase your weight for women Tip 1 – Wear some muscles

Pack a muscle with a few pounds It is the most reliable and healthy way for women to emphasize natural sexy curves over weight. Because muscle is more weight than fat, it makes sense to emphasize the weight of the muscle rather than fat. You can also decide where the muscle will grow (I do not be afraid to build muscle with

weight training, you will not be huge like Ernie or something. .. In fact the female body does not produce enough testosterone to simply become bigger.

Routine the exercise weight training at the gym and weigh up quickly where you want. 19659002 ] How to increase your weight for women Tip 2 – Reduce your heart practice

The heart is a major part of most women’s workouts, but is always recommended in most magazines However, as the heart increases, the heart will actually make your life more difficult

How To: leaving nothing in your body, Please do not leave anything in thy body.

If you are trying to increase your weight, organize the workout routine that focuses on a large number of building exercises such as weight.Weight for women Increase Tip 3 – Sleep Detail

And did you think that all the weight gain of this woman was to struggle?

When we slept, our body was natural It can produce growth hormone and repair the muscles and increase weight and muscle mass.The highest secretions of these hormones are in deep sleep so when you think about women’s weight increase method, It is important to take a rest in the evening, about 8 hours is ideal.It affects your sleeping and may cause more weight loss, so as much stress as possible from your daily life Drain

Method to increase weight for women 4 – Eat 19659002] In addition to starting weight training program, you should eat more Muscle mass and weight are important for us It is obtained by consuming more calories than baking, so it is necessary to consume 500-1000 calories per day compared with the average woman (average is 2000 years old

female How to increase weight for Tip 5 – Use protein powder and shakes

Focus on proteins that are muscle building blocks, dividing more than six meals a day. ]

To increase muscle and gain weight, we need about 1 gram of protein per pound body weight (ie we need to consume about 150 grams of protein per day for a weight of 150 pounds) as protein It is necessary to concentrate.

The best way to consume these proteins is in the form of natural foods like lean meat, fish, beans, beans, eggs, milk. However, as this can be difficult with today’s busy lifestyle, consider incorporating protein shaking into your daily meal plan. It is very convenient because 50 to 60 grams of protein can be obtained in one shot with one protein tremor.

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