How to encourage healthy and happy meal times


In many families with young children, the mealtime may change to a battlefield, which is not a wonderful family time, but full of stress and may get angry for everyone. So the first thing you should know is … if your kitchen table is on the battlefield and most meal times end with tears and anger, you are not alone, the same thing happens in homes throughout the country I will. You can change this angry scene a bit.

It is really useful to regularly provide meals so that the child knows when to expect food. Children respond well to good routines.

Please make sure that your child does not eat too much snacks between meals or drinks, especially milk or sweet drinks. Get them in the habit of drinking water or pay fruit juice from early age.

As soon as your child is of sufficient age, they can become part of the food preparation process. If you can do it faster, you will need time and patience, but it is worth having a happy mealtime. Your child sets a table, peels off and helps chopping (always supervised). From a very young age, my son loved help in the kitchen. He especially liked the preparation of mushrooms, they would end up in all shapes and sizes, but they never mattered.

There is a week to choose a meal to eat for each family member of the family, but sometimes giving them to four or five choices is better than an open choice because you have to follow it. You make dinner pancakes twice a week.

Children only have a small bunch and are easy to fill. Keep the part small and provide seconds as needed.

Please do not fill the carrot when introducing fresh food, for example carrot, to your child. They are likely to raise their nose, this is when battle is pursued. Instead, give them 3 or 4 carrot slices and they need to get used to the new taste, they will do this over time and in small amounts. Next time I will give 6 or 7 etc while eating carrots. Seven trials are required before the taste becomes familiar.

Introduce one new taste at a time and make a small amount patiently until you get used to it before introducing the next taste.

Always give your child choices and feel that they are controlling what you are eating, while at the same time you have achieved your goal of eating properly Carefully say that.

Do not ask "Do you want sauce in your pasta?" It gives them options of no, because healthy vegetables and meat are in the sauce. Instead of saying "Do you want to pour sauce on top of pasta, or do you want to be close to pasta?"

My 18 year old son still freshly baked beans on a different plate from the rest of the food Eat, but he ate them, low fat, high protein food.

Please do not ask "Do you have any vegetables?" "Which vegetables do you like today, broccoli, cauliflower?" You never know, but they will surprise you and will say both things.

Eat as a family sitting together. Children learn model, most people want to emulate parents.

As children get older, you can find it in the mealtime when most conversations are taking place. And teenagers may be the only time to talk about their day. However, it is obvious that it must be started from a young age.

It is wonderful to have children eat as soon as possible. Children feed on adults and prefer to eat more, but again they can control more. Give enough time to eat and stop hastening them.

If your child said that they had enough food. Contrary to universal belief, you do not need to eat all of your table! They will know when they are full.

If you refuse to eat what you have prepared, please do not let your child feel uneasy. Sometimes this may be another way of calling attention, so keep something and eat something.

Please do not force your child to feed. This leads to an unhealthy attitude towards food.

You must not cover your promises for sweets and dessert with your child. If you eat, it is a bad habit to eat.

I admire that my child eats well, but I can not eat well with sweets and snacks. A better plan is to have a star chart. When packed, you can choose the reward at the zoo or the movie of the day in the cinema.

If you have serious concerns about your child's diet, please consult with the GP.

Healthy Eating Tips

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