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Eating healthy when you travel can be a challenge, if you are not prepared. In this video, I share with you my tips for healthy eating along the way throughout the day. I show you the exact things I ate during a recent trip to Wrestlemania 31 for work. From food for breakfast to lunch and dinner options, as well as a complementary packaging trick that helps me keep my diet anywhere.

Most people travel (whether for business or pleasure) and end up gaining weight when they get home. This is because trips usually take people out of their normal feeding schedules and leave them hungry and crave foods they normally do not eat at times that they do not eat. This does not have to be the case.

If you prepare a little ahead of time, you can definitely eat healthy anywhere you are. One of the things I do before I go anywhere is to pack my ATHLEAN-Rx supplements in sachets or in individual portions. The supplements give me a quick and practical meal (I mix them with a banana and some skim milk) so I can get my protein without having to sit down for a long meal. I usually work during my trip and I do not have time to eat much.

The night I arrived at the hotel, I spent about 10 minutes looking for the menus of the hotel restaurants (since I like going to these for dinner and breakfast often during my stay) or for other options around the hotel (walking distance) ). I often ask the concierge which are the healthiest places to eat, so I know what my options are when I get up the first morning.

Once I locate a place that has a breakfast that I can count on, I do not change it! I still eat there every morning of my stay. For me, it's not about variety, it's about consistency. I know that if I can get a healthy breakfast on a constant basis every day, not only will I feel better, but I will also be able to continue developing muscles while traveling without worrying about getting fat.

Sometimes, room service is my only option. While it is often ridiculously expensive, it provides a comfort and level of customization that some restaurants do not even offer. Because my body is a big part of what I do for work, the additional expense is something I am willing to pay to ensure that I can meet my nutritional needs in the right way. Not for everyone, but again, I swear it is possible to find something healthy in any restaurant, so you definitely have options.

If you feel that you are often a slave to your nutrition and your diet, then it is time to stop worrying. With the X-Factor meal plans in the ATHLEAN-X training system, you can worry less and eat more. You can start eating as an athlete anywhere by visiting and studying the convenience and effectiveness of the plan.

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