How To Cuckold My Husband? Easy Steps


You ask: the way to embrace my husband? Below is a very simple step proved to work many times for thousands of women like you.


Remember that almost everyone is getting hooked. You need to break through the man's ego. I would like your husband to obey your dominion.

Let's face him face. If you tell him that you want to hold him, tell him that he wants at least with him to see at least whether he likes it or not.


Your new relationship You need new rules. Please be more clear than whether he obeys the rules subject to compensation. If he breaks them, he will be punished. The imposed rule should be designed to remind him of your rule of control. Starting with some rules (so he can get used to it), then build them. The first rule is as follows: You have to do anything you want to say to him, he can not orgasm without permission and can not seek sexual interaction.

It is your goal to let her husband gradually abandon masculinity. Please give him the name of a boy, girl or female. For example, if he is called a Christian, you can rename him Chrissy or Christine. You should command him to wear a woman's clothes. He can start wearing ladies' underwear. Please let him always tell you that you are no longer a real person, more a girl. His "male" is too small to make him a real person. Therefore, he no longer allows sexual relations with you.

Sexual Abstinence

Your greatest power to give to your husband is your sexuality. When you make sexual relationships away from him, he will want it more. In order to make him want even more, work with sexy clothes, act in a more sexual way, make friends with other men, remind him of your position in relationships and relationships You can make it. As a reward for good behavior, you can reward your sexuality treatment to your husband, but you can not allow invasive interaction with him.


It is essential that you be strict. Do not weaken your positive value in response to your request Give your husband pleasure and get rid of everything in life that returns some of them only when he gets them. And so get rid of them as punishment. Strict all your interactions.

You asked yourself "How to embrace your husband", but this is the most common procedure to do this.

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