How to Calculate Your Ideal Shoulder Size – It All Starts with Your Height


When depicting the proportions and shapes of your idea's body, there is a wide shoulders and narrow waist images (at least this image should be on your head). But what you might not focus on is the exact size of your shoulder compared to your waist.

In order to calculate your ideal shoulder size, you first need to know your ideal waist size. However, in order to know your ideal waist size, you must first start with your height. The calculation is from your height to your waist, to your shoulders.

Your ideal waist size is between 45% and 47% of your height. In other words, if 70 inches tall, the ideal waist is 31.5 – 33 inches.

This calculation is based on bone structure and low level fat mass. If you decide the ideal waist, the next calculation is your shoulders.

I know that the ideal ratio of waist and shoulder is 1: 1.618. The circumference of your idea's shoulder at 70 inches high and 31.5 – 33 inches waist will be 1.618 times larger than your idea waist or 51-53 inches.

The ideal shoulder to the waist is retained only when the waist is in the ideal range. In other words, having a height of 1.618 times greater and a waist of 50% of the shoulders will not yield the ratio you are looking for. And, in fact, it would be very difficult to build this degree of shoulder to offset most of your waist. This also creates a shorter stalky look that is not ideal. Your best balanced body shape must start with taking your height into account. Otherwise, there is no way to judge how much waist size and shoulder size you think too much and whether it is too thin.

Your height -> ideal waist -> Follow this measurement pattern starting from the ideal shoulder. You are building your best balance body.

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