How To Become A Feminized Cuckold Husband – 3 Tips


Many obedient men dream of becoming husbands of feminised husbands. However, it is not a dream or an illusion that most men always want to share with their wives. It is potentially humiliating for him, and of course some wives consider a very rare fantasy. If there is a wife who enjoys the idea of ​​your fantasy, the hint of this article will surely help you.

Hint 1: Does she enjoy fantasy?

If your wife can share your fantasy or learn to do so. The least chance of humiliation is to see a movie with her. What you have to do is to incorporate a movie about your feminine husband's husband into your sexual hand. Watching a movie together, are you involved in the foreground? How does she respond to the movie? Is it evoking her? Does it counterattack her?

Tip 2: Become a woman

If your wife actively responds to the movie, you can proceed to the next tip. Please wait until you and your wife are sexually involved with each other. Please allow your wife to rise to high sexual excitement. What you have to do is to confess that you want to be a female husband's husband. "Really" asking if she would embrace you and make it feminine. If she needs to know what this means, explain it to her. You take a dominant role in your relationship, want a boyfriend that gives a sexual stimulus, you make her feminine and you act more feminine.

Tip 3: Rest assured her

This, of course, is a very new and unusual relationship for your wife to enter. If she enjoys a movie, she is very likely to be very attracted to this idea. A femaleized husband's husband is not for all women. What you have to do is make your wife feel relieved that you really want this kind of relationship. She will be inspired by the idea, but she will also have a deep doubt: I still love her husband and he will still love me, can I deceive him? What you have to do is to eliminate her fear by reassuring her that you are glad that it is feminine. What you can do is to try it online first as an experiment. She can make you more of a woman (probably wearing clothes like a woman) and have a boyfriend she can chat online. This allows you to proceed to face a man in the real world if you reassure her that both prefer this type of relationship.

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