How this crossed welfare beat cancer


Chris Wark was an active husband of 26 years of age, who was busy in real estate, invested houses, recorded albums and toured with his band Secret Weapon (secret weapon). On December 23, 2003, he received a devastating diagnosis of stage IIIc colon cancer. Three days after Christmas, he was taken to surgery where he removed multiple lymph nodes, a tumor the size of a golf ball and 1/3 of his colon. The doctors told Chris that he would need to start chemotherapy and his family agreed. However, Chris's faith in the medical community was not strong when the first meal that was served after surgery was somewhat neglected. Before Chris left the hospital, he asked his doctor if he should avoid any food. The doctor replied: "No, do not lift anything heavier than a beer". Chris explains: "These were my first indications that there was a great disconnect between medical care and healthy food." I was not sure what to do, Chris started praying and doing research. He felt that the Lord would make him take another route through nutrition and exercise. He also worked with a medical integrator and nutritionist who both agreed to their plan of action. But his family did not do it. He felt tremendous pressure from them to undergo chemotherapy. But Chris did not feel good about that course of action. In addition to that, Chris and his wife Micah also discovered that she was four months pregnant shortly after her cancer diagnosis. Desperate to live, Chris took action.

Immediately after surgery, Chris started making juices daily and radically changed his diet by consuming living things like fruits and vegetables. He also focused on eliminating stress and lack of forgiveness in his life and began an extensive exercise routine. Six years later, Chris found himself completely cancer-free and, by year seven, felt he had to go public and help others. Launched the popular website . Now, instead of focusing on his story, he prefers to help others …

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