How many calories are needed?


If you answer this question, it will be half of the weight loss game.

The minimum calorie required per day is 1200. This ensures adequate vitamins and minerals.

The method of calculating more accurate calories required for a day is to multiply the ideal weight by 12 in the case of women. The man multiplies the ideal weight by 14. For example, you can eat 1,500 calories per day 125 pounds a day. When she reaches that weight, she keeps eating 1,500 calories a day to maintain her weight.

OK, knowing the calorie's daily budget is half of battle. What is the other half? I actually stick to that budget every day. There is a way to do it so that you do not feel deprived. In fact, everyday you do not have much trouble eating a lot of calories. Because it is rarely hungry!

What is the secret? Let's extend your daily calories into 8-12 mini-meals. Your body enhances your metabolism, your body stays in "fever" mode instead of "starvation" mode and does not store unnecessarily fat.

3 meals a day – reminiscent of precious memories not to eat during food – are deeply rooted in our culture. I stopped eating three meals a day four years ago and since then I became a dining hall and learned all the calories of food. After a 200 calorie diet I gave far more energy after a 1000 calorie meal. Moreover, I am happy that I can eat it by the day without feeling guilty. I now know a lot of women to eat in the same way, they all say the same thing.

Many people eat this way remind them to eat every 90 minutes with a timer and alarm on the mobile phone. For example, if you eat 100 calories every 90 minutes, the calorie for that day will be 1200 calories. This is much healthier than eating a 1200 calorie diet in one seat. Your stomach mostly thanks you for not letting you feel hungry.

There are hundreds of diets there, but in the end it can not escape from calories. It is absolutely all about calories. You can not avoid calories when eating, as you can not avoid price tags when going shopping. If you want to lose weight, yes.

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