Home vegetable gardening: a new prescription of doctors and dietician


While finishing the project I was working the other day, turned the television station upside down, put at least something at least to make it look like background noise. I came across an information advertising selling several new large weight loss products guaranteed to give you 6 pack ABS and hard muscle in just 20 minutes.

After the narrator spoke the words, there was luck. "The result is based on a combination of appropriate exercise and three healthy diets each day for 12 weeks."

I am not a dietician or a nutritionist, but in a common sense it is combined with exercise A healthy diet is a healthy "you" moon that can easily pay $ 99 for 4 times.

Commerce has made me think about something that there is nothing else. That was how you could tie in a healthy eating habitable home vegetable garden. After all, fruits and vegetables are healthy as defined.

I recently, The Veggie Queen: Vegetables Get the Royal Treatment and the creator of the DVD, food and nutrition expert Jill Nussinow, MS, pressure cooking, fresh looks: Delicious food in minutes .

Jill is a registered nutritionist teaching classes. She suggests students that they should always grow their own fruits and vegetables. She had a student who raised a big garden and could lose 10 pounds by adding fresh fruits and vegetables to her healthy diet.

Choosing freshness, flavor, possibility of consumption, and what you need is just a small part of why Jill recommends students themselves to grow up. Vegetables always grow you yourself that you can buy at the store and become fresher than those that have a better taste. As she increases what you want to eat, say that you are more likely to consume what you grow. Since you can harvest only what you consume, garbage can be kept to a minimum.

Jill also says, "People who can cultivate their own fruits, vegetables and herbs are trying to secure fresh, best, undesirable things, people take a lot of spiritual nutrition Do not get it from buying your vegetables.

Adding fresh fruits and vegetables to each of your meals is enough to prove that it is a good healthy way Yes, the doctor is a member of the International Association for Ecology and Health and the American Sports Medicine Association "As a doctor, I am doing a lot of nutrition and lifestyle counseling I will. I often encourage patients to grow their own vegetables, or some of them, to maximize nutritional value and minimize the toxic load of the product. "

In an environment where" fast "food is the standard, doctors prescribing vegetable gardening at home as a remedy is a big start away from unhealthy eating habits. Once prescribed, not only do they become parents' challenges everywhere, they not only use their advice, they can communicate their lifestyle to the next generation and pass it on to the next generation.

As a father of two children, I know that it is important to do this as well as many other guardians I was talking about. In cooperation with her client, we try to make the children enjoy the benefits of "Farm from Fork" lifestyle. Entire family involved inevitably. Marcia explains.

"I love that you go out into the garden anywhere at any age and truly affect your health, formerly without flavor and fat, big flavors or seriously healthy vegetables "Fresh" and "local" will not be marketing words, as you eat the results of your labor, there is no further compensation. "

Black Dr. Ford, Dr. Daily and Dr. NusiNow agree that decreasing the calories and increasing the nutrient density for each meal increases when concentrating and growing in a fresh home.

Please incorporate your home vegetable field into the style of healthy eating habits of you and your family and first evaluate several areas. Nutrition Simplified: Jump start from a realistic 7-step workbook Your metabolism Betsy Markle, RD.

"What are the things you like or dislike about individuals? Are there specific foods or foods they would like to make? For example, because I love to make my own salsa, Where do they have to spend their time in the garden? Where do they live (Weather / Garden time zone)? Betsy says. To be honest, I should be able to plan this and let it be emotional and encouraged.

If I go to the doctor's clinic and get a prescription of pain and pain, A prescription from a doctor to raise fruits and vegetables? If more doctors make this prescription indispensable for all office visits, more people will live a more healthy life You.

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